Our friends at Sour Bicycles in Dresden, Germany, are moving full steam ahead with their plan to manufacture all of their frames in Germany, and pre-orders just opened for the latest batch of Saxony-built “Homebrew” versions of most models and sizes. Find details on production timelines and updated pricing here…

Last year, Sour Bicycles from Dresden, Germany, announced that they’d be moving the production of their mountain bike frames from Taiwan to Saxony, citing COVID-related supply chain breakdowns and unpredictable lead times. Having successfully set up shop in-house and produced last year’s MTB frames, they’ve just taken their “Homebrew” initiative a step further, announcing German production of several additional models, and pre-orders are open as of last Friday. They still have a backstock of Taiwan-made frames in some models and sizes, but once those are gone, all Sour bikes will be made in Germany on a quarterly basis, with delivery times ranging from around two to three months.

Sour Homebrew

Sour Frame Pricing

Prices for the remaining stock of Taiwan-made gravel frames will remain unchanged from last year’s price of 849€ until they’re all sold out. The cost for all German-made frames is about 20% higher, at 1,049€, regardless of model, making them very competitively priced for frames made in continental Europe. In Sour’s words, “…literally every part of our production has gotten more expensive. From the gas to weld the frames, to the steel tubing itself. Lighting in the workshop, to the petrol to deliver the frames to the painter. Shipping costs at DHL, and the price of after works beers… Okay, maybe we left that last one out of the calculations!”

MTB Frame Prices

  • Bad Granny frame: 1,049€
  • Bad Granny frameset (steel fork): 1,299€
  • Big Fun frame: 1,049€
  • Can Can frame: 1,049€
  • Crumble frame: 1,049€
  • Pasta Party frame: 1,049€
  • Pasta Party frameset (steel fork): 1,299€
  • Sour Homebrew
  • Sour Homebrew
  • Sour Bicycles
  • Sour Bicycles
  • Sour Bicycles

Gravel Frame Prices

  • Clueless frame: 1,049€
  • Clueless frameset (steel fork): 1,299€
  • Purple Haze frame: 1,049€
  • Purple Haze frameset (steel fork): 1,299€

Pre-order Homebrew frames will be produced in the order they’re ordered, so the sooner buyers place their orders, the sooner they’ll receive their frames (except in the case of customers with particularly complex paint requests, which the team at Sour is happy to accommodate but may have additional lead time). Frames in this batch of pre-orders are expected to be ready no later than April—just in time for spring riding. Additionally, if you have a local dealer, Sour suggests giving them a call, as many dealers already have some stock.

You can learn more about all of Sour’s models and place an order for a frame of your own over at Sour.Bike.

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