Dresden-based Sour Bicycles put together this short video showing off the impressively low-waste packaging they ship their framesets in, made from recycled materials produced just down the road. Watch the video and learn more here…

Our friends at Sour Bicycles in Dresden, Germany, just put together this one-minute video showing off the innovative low-waste packaging they developed to ship their framesets in. They set out with the goal of offering the most possible protection with as little packing material as possible, and this system is the result. The cardboard boxes are produced just down the road using recycled materials, and the only things made out of plastic are the velcro straps used to attach the frame and fork securely to the inside of the box (but they’re reusable and come in super handy for bikepacking). Their current packaging design went through a three-month testing period during which not a single frame arrived damaged and zero scratches or other shipping-related imperfection were reported by customers.

If you look closely in the video, you’ll also notice a mixtape in the box. Including them with each frameset is an idea Sour’s founder, Christoph Suesse, came up with as a small reminder that buying a Sour means buying something special. Each mixtape features music from friends of the small company and bands from the Dresden area, and the current tapes feature a range of tunes from folk, to ska, to surfer rock, and back.

We commend Sour for coming up with this small contribution to helping reduce waste in the bicycle industry, and we hope to see other brands adopting similar solutions and finding ways to do their part where possible.

Learn more about Sour’s range of bikes at Sour.Bike, and let us know which model you think we should get in for review!



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