SRAM broke the brake lever mold today by introducing the all-new SRAM Stealth Brakes, an innovative handlebar bag-friendly brake system that tucks brake lines neatly out of the way. Find details on the Stealth Brakes and the different options and variations in the Level and Code ranges here…

If you’ve been entrenched in mountain bike news over the last year, you probably knew these were coming. There have been patent submissions, shots from races, and forum chatter with leaked photos of the SRAM Stealth Brakes for quite some time. We’ve been pretty excited about them since we first heard rumblings last year. Finally released to the masses today, the SRAM Stealth Brake lineup features a completely new design that was designed to clean up the cockpit by bringing the hydraulic hoses closer to the handlebar. For SRAM’s engineers, this was largely to create a sleeker and more elegant look, but by tucking the hoses out of the way, we see it as a massive benefit for bikepacking bags. Namely, it could help eliminate hose interference with handlebar bags and ultimately result in less wear and tear on the hoses. Better yet, they offer a couple of options in a polished silver finish. Find more details below.

  • SRAM Stealth Brakes
  • SRAM Stealth Brakes

The entire range of SRAM Stealth Brakes features levers with tool-free reach adjust and a new Lever Pivot Bearing for smooth operation. They also have what SRAM calls “SwingLink,” a hinge at the clamp that enables further controls customization by allowing the entire lever to rotate.

SRAM Stealth Brakes come in a relatively streamlined product family that consists of two ranges: Level and Code. Each is offered in Ultimate or Silver tiers. Find details on each of the models in the Stealth range below, then find a pricing grid at the bottom of the page.

SRAM Level Stealth

The Level range of SRAM Stealth Brakes are geared toward everything from XC racing to backcountry trail riding. They come in four flavors: two 2-piston models and two 4-piston options. Find the details on each below

SRAM Stealth Brakes, Level



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Level Ultimate Stealth 4-piston

The top tier Level Ultimate Stealth 4-piston system feature a 4-piston caliper. The Ultimates have titanium caliper hardware, a nice shiny silver finish on both the calipers and the lever housing, and ultralight carbon levers. Ultimate brakes in both Code and Level come with DOT 5.1 fluid, whereas the Silver tier comes with DOT 4.



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Level Silver 4-piston

The Level Silver Stealth 4-piston brakes feature forged aluminum levers and a dark gray finish, contrary to what you’d expect from the name.



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Level Ultimate Stealth 2-piston

Level Ultimate Stealth 2-piston brakes are the lightest of the entire SRAM Stealth brakes range and are positioned as the best-in-class for XC racing. The Silver levers have the same carbon levers, titanium hardware, and silver finish as their 4-piston siblings.



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Level Silver 2-piston

Level Silver Stealth 2-piston brakes get the same forged aluminum levers and dark gray finish as the four piston versions.

SRAM Code Stealth

The Code Stealth brakes come in two tiered options and the full-power brakes in the Stealth lineup. These 4-piston models are designed for enduro, downhill, and trail riding. Find details below.

SRAM Stealth Brakes Code



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Code Ultimate Stealth

The Ultimates are the top of the line in the Code range and get the same silver finish, carbon levers, and titanium hardware as the Level Ultimates. They come with metallic pads for more power and longer wear.



SRAM Stealth Brakes, Code Silver

The Code Silver Stealth share the same design but have a dark finish, aluminum levers, and stainless steel hardware.

SRAM Stealth Brakes Pricing

We haven’t got weights for all these options, but here’s a complete pricing breakdown; each price is for a single lever/caliper set. You can also find more information over at

  • Level Ultimate Stealth 4-piston $300/€360/£320
  • Level Ultimate Stealth 2-piston $285/€340/£305
  • Level Silver Stealth 4-piston $195/€235/£210
  • Level Silver Stealth 2-piston $185/€220/£200
  • Code Ultimate Stealth $300/€360/£320
  • Code Silver Stealth $265/€320/£285



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