After realizing he had a bit more space to work with in his new garage, Neil decided to try out a new bike storage solution. The Steadyrack is a unique “roll-in” bike hanger that rotates to optimize space. In our latest video, Neil walks us through installing Steadyrack and provides a review after putting it to use…

Upon moving into our new home, I had a bit more space to work with than I was used to. After making a garage floor plan while trying to organize the family fleet of bikes, I decided to hang most of them on one side of the garage. That’s when I discovered the Steadyrack, a unique bike storage design that holds and rotates bikes. In our latest video, find my thoughts on this bike storage solution and some general thoughts on the product and install process.

  • Steadyrack Review
  • Steadyrack Review
  • Steadyrack Review
  • Steadyrack Review
  • Model Tested: Steadyrack Mountain and Fat
  • Place of Manufacture: China
  • Price: $99 ($89 on AMZN)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

Wrap Up

After using this Steadyrack array for a couple of weeks, I’m really happy with how this whole system turned out. It’s super easy to roll the bikes into the rack—although maybe a bit more difficult to remove the bikes—and rotating them has allowed me to fit more bikes in a small space, which has created so much more room in my garage. While I have yet to test many other systems, I like the fact that you can rotate the bikes in both directions, install the bike with ease, and when you’re not using them, you can fold them up to make more space for the other bikes around them. Steadyracks aren’t cheap, but from my research, they offer the widest range of rotation and sturdiness while also being able to hold a fully loaded bike.



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