Sterling Boin is cycling and skiing Colorado’s tallest peaks. Here’s a bit more about his project, some pre-trip photos, and a live map to track his progress…

I stumbled upon one of Sterling Boin’s Instagram posts by accident while scrolling through the seemingly never-ending wave of bike related posts, as I too often do. However, Sterling’s classic gear-on-the-floor photo caught my attention due to a few key items that aren’t part of the average bikepacking kit, most notably a set of touring skis and avalanche safety gear. It turns out Sterling has been planning to cycle and ski Colorado’s tallest peaks for the better part of a year now, carrying all of his required gear, and meeting up with other skiers to participate in the fun along the way.

  • Sterling Tour De 14ers
  • Sterling Tour De 14ers

“My dream is to make these self-powered trips the epitome of adventure. My goal through this trip is to show people that despite what ski films portray you don’t need to go far to get lost.”

Last summer, Sterling took a ski trip to Peru’s Cordillera Blanca mountain range, and he immediately started planning his next trip after returning home, with thoughts of cold temperatures, high winds, and avalanche risks as fond type 2 memories. Inspired by those like Lou Dawson and Chris Davenport, the idea to ski all of the Colorado 14ers in a self-supported fashion was Sterling’s initial plan. However, after exhausting a short list of potential partners (as the terrain and route would require one to complete it safely), the idea was opened up to anyone who wanted to join along for the fun. This gives Sterling a bit more flexibility in the gear he needs to carry himself, especially since he’ll be filming and updating his website and Facebook page along the way.

  • Sterling Tour De 14er
  • Sterling Tour De 14ers

Stay tuned for a full recap of Sterling’s journey after his journey is complete.

For more information check out Sterling’s website at and follow him on Instagram @SterlingBoin. And you can follow Sterling’s progress live below. It looks like he’s just kicked off his tour…



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