Surly just announced several new tubeless tire offerings as well as new sustainable, zero-waste packaging, a move we wish all tire manufacturers would follow…

The big news is that all Surly folding bead tires are now tubeless-ready. But, we think the bigger news is Surly’s zero-waste packaging. One thing that always drives me crazy when I get a new set of tires is the packaging. Most major tire companies use some big, thick, non-recyclable piece of die-cut plastic board to show off their tires in a shop display. Wasteful and unnecessary. Surly just came up with an excellent solution: First, they only use a small scrap of recyclable cardboard, just enough to tell you what kind of tire you’re looking at and how you can use it. According to Surly, “Feel free to start a fire with the cardboard during your next bikepacking trip weenie roast or toss it in the recycling with your stack of six-pack carriers.”

Second, they tie it all together with the brand-new Surly Whiplash frame strap to attach the cardboard to the tire and keep everything nice and compact “like a 1972 AMC Gremlin.” A useful, reusable strap, now that’s smart. Surly suggests using it to lash a spare tube to your bike frame in case you need it later. “Because you might need it later.” The Surly Whiplash strap will also be offered for sale as a standalone product later this year, but for now, the only place to get the strap is by purchasing a brand-new Surly Bikes tire. Bravo, Surly!

  • Surly Tubeless Tires and Sustainable Packaging
  • Surly Tubeless Tires and Sustainable Packaging

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the new packaging and tubeless-ready options, Surly is also rolling out new sizes in a handful of its tires. Here’s what’s new by tire model.


The ExtraTerrestrial is Surly’s heavy-duty off-road touring tire (check out our review). It now comes in six tubeless-ready sizes: 26 x 2.5”, 27.5 x 2.5”, 26” x 46mm, 29 x 2.5”, 700 x 41mm, and 650 x 46mm. All sizes feature 60 tpi. And, the ExtraTerrestrial is now available with Slate Gray sidewalls, offering all the same features and performance as the all-black ETs. These will be available to order from your local bike shop the week of August 12th.

Surly Tubeless Tires and Sustainable Packaging


The Knard is the original plus tire, an all-around tough tire with low rolling resistance thanks to a tightly spaced, low-block tread. I admittedly have a little nostalgia with the Knard, having ridden it from Cape Town to Tanzania, then through Morocco and Spain. So, I’m happy to see tubeless-ready Knards in all sizes: 27.5 x 3”, 29 x 3”, 700 x 41mm, or 650 x 41mm—with a range of options in tpi.

Surly Tubeless Tires and Sustainable Packaging

Dirt Wizard

The Dirt Wizard is Surly’s more aggressive trail tire. Find tubeless-ready versions in 26 x 3”, 27.5 x 3”, and 29 x 3”, all offering 60 tpi. A quick note here: The Dirt Wizards are already tubeless-ready, so this isn’t really new news.

Fat Tires: Nate, Bud and Lou, and Edna

Nate is a large and aggressive tire that brings “Kung Fu Grip to fat biking” with a knobby tread pattern that’s tall and widely spaced. Look for tubeless-ready Nates at 26 x 3.8” with either 60 or 120 tpi.

Bud and Lou are a front/rear fat tire combo. Bud is a front-specific fat tire at 26 x 4.8” and Lou is a rear-specific fat tire. Both tubeless-ready models feature 120 tpi.

Edna is an ultra-versatile fat bike tire that’s newly tubeless-ready in a 26 x 4.3” size with 60 tpi

Learn more about the packaging and tubeless tire offerings over at Surly’s Blog.



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