On the most recent episode of the Bikes or Death Podcast, Patrick and Miles chat about bikepacking gear, pooping mishaps in the wild, and our recently published Tree to Sea Loop on Vancouver Island. Listen to their full conversation here…

Patrick Farnsworth, host of the Bikes or Death Podcast, and I get each other. We first met back at the 2019 Bikepacking Summit at Mulberry Gap in Georgia, and it was best buds at first sight. It’s been exciting to follow along as Patrick has grown the podcast, bringing in a range of awesome guests and provoking interesting, natural conversations that are fun to listen to. I’ve been a guest on the podcast three times now, and while our chats are more reminiscent of two friends catching up on life, I hope everyone can take away a few useful tidbits.

bikes or death
Patrick and me at the 2019 Bikepacking Summit, recording our first podcast. Photo by Logan Watts

On the latest episode, Patrick and I meet up over Zoom to chat about the (at the time) yet-to-be-released Tree to Sea Loop, as well as some gold ol’ fashion gear talk, and of course poop stories. The full episode is an hour and 40 minutes, so set aside some time or head out for a ride and give it a listen.

For more podcasts, head over to BikesorDeath.com or wherever you get your podcasts to check out more great episodes.

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