Just announced, TRP’s new TR12 12-speed shifter and derailleur kit is designed to work with most big name cassettes and offers some unique tech. Find all the details here…

Posted by Miles Arbour

Although TRP is best known for their brakes—particularly the dual-piston TRP Spyre which can be found on many stock gravel bikes— the Utah based company has recently started tinkering in the drivetrain world. The new TRP G-Spec TR12 is a 12-speed shifter and derailleur kit (sold as a package) is designed to work with most 12-speed cassettes with a 50T max cog. Although the designs don’t appear to be revolutionary, TRP claims some added ergonomics with the shifter, and new tech with an adjustable B-Knuckle locking system. The full kit costs $329.99 USD and comes in three different colours: black, gold, and silver.

  • TRP 12-Speed
  • TRP 12-Speed


The TR12 Shifter shares a close resemblance to TRP’s DH7 Shifter released in 2019. TRP states that “engineers looked at the cable release lever and devised a system to move it in a linear path to mimic the motion of a rider’s thumb, rather than rotating it away. This unique positioning allows for a more consistent contact patch providing overall better grip and shifting performance when the trail gets rowdy.” The shifter can sweep through five cogs at once, and is made from aluminum and carbon fiber.

  • TRP 12-Speed Shifter
  • TRP 12-Speed Shifter
  • TRP 12-Speed Shifter
  • Weight: 120g
  • New linear actuation for improved ergonomics
  • Enhanced grip & tactile feel built into lever paddles
  • Carbon fiber upper housing & advance lever position with brake lever
  • Sealed Stainless Steel Bearings
  • Rider adjustable home position of lower lever with a 40-degree range

TRP TR12 Derailleur

The TR12 Derailleur is designed to be compatible with most major 12-speed cassettes, including SRAM, Shimano, SunRace, and e*Thirteen. It uses TRP’s newly designed Hall Lock, which locks the B-knuckle to the bike’s derailleur hanger and is said to assist with quiet operation over the roughest of trails. The Hall Lock is adjustable and can be released to easily remove the rear wheel. The derailleur also has a ratcheting clutch system to keep the chain tensioned on bumpy terrain, as well as a carbon fiber cage and upper link, and sealed cartridge bearings in the pulleys.

  • TRP 12 Speed
  • TRP 12 Speed
  • TRP 12 Speed
  • Weight: 282g
  • Pulleys: 11T Upper, 15T Lower
  • Hall Lock B-Knuckle Lock
  • G-Spec Ratchet Clutch
  • Extra wide parallelogram pivot
  • Carbon fiber cage & Upper link
  • Sealed Stainless Steel cartridge bearings

Learn more and purchase directly from TRPCycling.com.