Our friend Jessica Chan just announced that her San Francisco-based bike bag brand, Tunitas Carryall, is now known as Tunitas Creative, and she’ll be expanding the brand’s focus beyond the world of bikes and launching more limited releases. Learn more about what’s in store in this exciting step for Tunitas here…

Jessica Chan of Tunitas Carryall in San Francisco, California, is one of my favorite bag makers in the US, and she recently shared some exciting news about the next step in her one-woman studio’s evolution. Effective immediately, Tunitas Carryall is now Tunitas Creative, and she’s changing the way she approaches making bags and more.

Over the past couple of years, Jessica says she’s built Tunitas into the bike bag company she’d initially hoped it would be, but that vision no longer aligns with how she sees it going forward. Feeling stifled by the confines of the brand she’s developed—strong as it may be—she’s ready for something different that better suits her interests and ideas for the future.

tunitas carryall
  • Tunitas Creative
  • Tunitas Creative
  • Tunitas Creative

“Being an Industrial Designer, I love the process of designing and being creative, and I want to expand what I can create under the Tunitas brand. I realized that I need to pivot away from exclusively making bike bags and open it up to other soft goods. With this, I no longer feel like I have to keep up with all the other amazing bike bag makers/brands out there. I have more creative freedom to explore techniques, fabrics, and design around other things outside of bikes that I’m interested in,” Jessica wrote on her website.

With this next chapter as Tunitas Creative, she’s feeling excited about the expanded possibilities of what the company be. Jessica hopes to do more collaborations with other artists and designers and turn Tunitas into a soft goods design studio that can serve as a creative extension of her industrial design practice.

Jessica Chan, Tunitas Caryall
  • Tunitas Carryall Basket Bag 137, Wald 137
  • Tunitas Carryall Basket Bag 137, Wald 137

Going forward, she’ll be designing and launching products in small batches. Sometimes for bikes and other times not. If there’s enough demand for items launched in batches, she’ll make more, and less popular items will remain limited releases. As Jessica sees it, this will keep things interesting on her end and enable her to spend more time experimenting instead of making the same products over and over. Popular items such as her basket bags will always remain in the rotation in at least a couple of batches per year as part of Tunitas’ “core” line, though you can expect the colors to change over time.

Head to TunitasCreative.com to browse bags and learn more about Jessica and her work.

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