Turning the Cogs is a research project with the goal of increasing the diversity of participants in cycling events around the world. This digital survey is aimed at cyclists who are part of an under-represented area of cycling. Take the survey now and help in their efforts…

Our friend Devin Cowens sent over this press releasee for Turning the Cogs, an important project that aims to reach at least 3,000 riders globally with the ultimate mission of understanding the barriers to entry in cycling events and increase diversity. Please take a moment to read the press release below and fill out the survey linked at the bottom…

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Press release from Turning the Cogs

Turning the Cogs believes that change should be based on data, and that in order to have a real impact, we need to understand exactly what riders are experiencing. The research aims to build a comprehensive evidence base, helping us collectively understand how to build greater diversity and inclusion at cycling events. It focuses on understanding the barriers riders face when trying to get to the start line, the friction points they experience that make it harder to take part, and the support they feel they need to overcome this.

By working closely with a number of partners consisting of brands, event organisers, communities and media, Turning the Cogs is passionate about ensuring that the results lead to measurable change.

The survey is live and will be open until the 7th August 2022. It takes around 10-15 minutes to fill out and can be completed by anyone with a love of bikes. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already participated in an event, are an experienced racer, or have never had an interest in cycling events. We want to listen to the experiences and thoughts of as many cyclists as possible, so together we can make events inclusive for the full spectrum of riders.

The survey is now live at TurningTheCogs.com.



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