A friend just tipped us off about the Unior spoke and cassette lockring tool, a clever little device that can remove your cassette while out on the trail. Check it out here…

In most cases, to remove a drive-side spoke, the cassette must also be removed to access the hub. While this isn’t a big deal for a bike shop or home mechanics with a lockring tool and chain whip, it’s a far more difficult task while out on the trail. That’s where the Unior 2-in-1 spoke and cassette lockring tool comes in. This clever little tool is designed to help remove your cassette without the need for additional bulky tools, and looks like a great addition to any emergency repair kit on longer, more remote tours.

The tool works by removing the wheel from the bike, inserting the lockring tool into the cassette lockring, and then re-installing the wheel so that the square edge of the tool presses against the frame or derailleur hanger. To loosen the lockring, you simply push down on the pedals, which in turn loosens the tool by forcing it against the bike frame. It can be used in the same way to re-install and tighten the lockring when it’s time to put the cassette back on. Plus, it also has a 3.3mm spoke wrench on one end of the tool. Watch a video of the tool in action above.

The Unior 2-in-1 Cassette Lockring Tool is made from hardened and tempered steel with a blackened finish and can be found online for around $10. Learn more here and find it here on Amazon.

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