Stiff cycling shoes not doing it for you? On the hunt for better ventilation for your feet? We’re pleased to announce that Paris-based Valcko Studios will soon be releasing SPD-compatible Crocs in very limited quantities. Learn more here…

I stumbled upon photos of SPD-compatible Crocs online at some point in the past few months but assumed it was just people on the internet being silly, as they’re known to do. But, as it turns out, SPD Crocs are the real deal thanks to Valcko Studios in Paris, France. The boutique brand specializes in creating clipless versions of non-SPD-compatible footwear, a process I had no idea existed.

Valcko Crocs SPD

Valcko is currently working on producing a limited run of SPD Crocs, joining their current lineup of SPD-compatible Vans and Jordans. From what we can tell, they bolt a more cycling-friendly shank into the shoe, providing a stable platform for the two-slot SPD cleat mounting point, which is cut directly into the sole of the shoe. There’s also a small recessed area around the cleat section, which should mean the SPD Crocs are suitable for making fashion statements on and off the bike, or even crushing multiple stages of the Tour de France, as Lachlan Morton did in flip-flops this summer (from what we’ve heard, he’s also the proud owner of a pair of these SPD Crocs now, too).

That’s all we know for now, but keep an eye on Valcko’s Instagram (@valcko_studios) and on their website to learn more.



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