The Vastos XK1000 is a unique Canadian-made carbon bike that they say is perfect for gravel and bikepacking. Check out this unconventional rig here…

Founded in 2015, Ontario-based Vastos is a carbon bicycle manufacturer that specializes in bikes with a uniquely eye-catching look. They currently have three bikes listed on their website, all manufactured in Ontario using aerospace-grade carbon fiber and interesting fork designs. Their latest model, the XK1000, is designed for “bikepacking, gravel and adventure riding.” The fork, which looks something like a rigid dual-crown, is meant to be stable and solid for attaching a front rack. Its handlebar mounting point is high, providing an upright position for long-distance riding.

Vastos XK1000
  • Vastos XK1000
  • Vastos XK1000

The frame is based around 29 x 2.4″ tires, a Shimano 1×12 drivetrain, and can be set up with either a drop bar or standard flat bar, depending on your preference. A unique feature is Vastos’ carbon cushioned saddle, which integrates a small rubber cushion under the saddle for several millimetres of travel. The carbon saddle is also designed to flex under load, which they say is much more comfortable than standard saddles. There are no rack mounts on the frame, or bottle mounts inside the main triangle for that matter, but Vastos suggests mounting cages behind the saddle and on either side of the head tube area. They said the frame is compatible with the Aeroe Spider Rear Rack, which we reviewed here, and it appears there are bosses to accept some front racks as well. There are a few threaded mounts on the fork that can be used to mount bottle or cargo cages.

As one might expect, the Vastos XK1000 has a unique geometry. The bottom bracket is about two inches lower than a normal hardtail mountain bike, according to Vastos, with a 92mm bottom bracket drop. The result should be a stable ride that’s perfect for loading up with gear, but might also contribute to lots of pedal strikes. It has a somewhat long 1075mm wheelbase, a low top tube for easier dismounting, and a 72.5° head tube angle.

  • Vastos XK1000
  • Vastos XK1000

Perhaps one of the most interesting things is that the XK1000 is only offered in a single size. Vastos claims the adjustable reach and saddle position makes the bike suitable for people from 5’7″ to 6’3″, but a test ride is strongly encouraged before making a purchase. Check out an action-packed video from Vatos below.

Builds start at $4,695 CAD (~$3,670 USD) with your choice of parts and paint colour. Head over to to learn more.

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