Germany-based Vecnum just launched a new lightweight suspension stem based around a unique compact parallelogram design that absorbs chatter from rough roads and trails. Learn more here…

The new Vecnum freeQENCE stem smooths out rough roads and trails by way of a unique compact parallelogram construction and internal spring linkage. Unlike single-pivot suspension stems, the freeQENCE stem doesn’t tilt down through its travel, maintaining frame geometry and suspension feel no matter your position on the bar (such as in the hoods, drops, or on top of the bar).

Vecnum freeQENCE Stem

The stem is externally adjustable from 50kg to 120kg, depending on your weight and riding style, and offers a whopping 30mm of travel that’s split between 20mm of positive and 10mm of negative travel—similar to the damping and sag of a suspension fork, with strong progression toward the end of the stem’s stroke. The stem is CNC machined from a solid piece of AL7075 and has titanium axles and hardware. The 90mm stem weighs just 287 grams, which Vecnum says is only about 150 grams heavier than a standard stem. It’s offered in three lengths: 90mm, 105mm, and 120mm, for 1⅛” forks and all 31.8mm handlebars including carbon handlebars.

  • Vecnum freeQENCE Stem
  • Vecnum freeQENCE Stem

To offer a few comparisons, the Redshift ShockStop stem uses a single pivot, comes in seven lengths and clamp sizes, and has an effective travel of up to 20mm. It’s made from stamped 6061 T6 aluminum, weighs around the same as the Vecnum stem, and costs $159 USD. Kinect’s Suspension Stem also uses a parallelogram design, comes in four lengths, is made from stamped 6061 aluminum, but weighs more than both the Kinekt and Vecnum stems. It retails for $179.95 USD.

  • Material: AL7075 / Titanium Hardware
  • Weight: 287g (90mm), 299g (105mm), 317g (120mm)
  • Place of Manufacture: Germany
  • Price: €299 ($345 USD)

Head to to learn more about the freeQENCE stem.

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