The new Mini Shazam from Wizard Works is a smaller version of its bigger sibling. It still offers all of the same great features, but is a little more friendly to smaller riders with less tire clearance… or those heading out on fancy picnics. Learn more here.

The new Wizard Works Mini Shazam is simply a smaller version of the Wizard Works Shazam! I reviewed earlier this year. It’s a modern take an a classic saddle bag design, featuring an oversized flap closure, roomy side pockets, multiple attachment points (for a saddle or handlebars), and an optional shoulder strap for off-the-bike errands. The Mini Shazam still provides a generous 8.3L-16.6L of storage (when fully unrolled), while the standard Shazam! has 10.8L-22.5L. It uses a hard-shell construction, an aluminum strut in place of a wooden dowel for extra stability, and is made to order in your choice of colors and fabrics.

  • Wizard Works Mini Shazam
  • Wizard Works Mini Shazam

The Mini Shazam will be of particular interest to smaller riders or those with minimal space between the saddle and rear tire. This version should give you a touch more clearance. The standard version requires about 9-10″ (25-26cm) of tire clearance, while Wizard Works claims the Mini offers 1.5 – 2.5″ of additional clearance (about 8″ or 21cm total), depending on the angle of the bag. The same goes for those interested in using it as a handlebar bag, which is another great way to use it.

Wizard Works Mini Shazam
  • Wizard Works Mini Shazam
  • Wizard Works Mini Shazam
  • Wizard Works Mini Shazam
  • Volume: 8.3L – 16.6L (when fully unrolled) + 2x 0.4L Side Pockets
  • Size: 29cm wide x 15cm deep x 19-38cm Tall
  • Weight: 715 grams
  • Place of Manufacture: London, UK
  • Price: £189 (~$244 USD)
  • Manufacturer’s Details: Wizard.Works

If you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to check out my review of the larger Shazam!, as it looks like the mini version offers all of the same features.



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