Boost hubs, flat-mount brakes, electronic shifting—the list goes on. Are these new bike standards worthy innovations or marketing gimmicks? Take this survey to share your thoughts and have a chance to win a Kitsbow Icon shirt. We’ll share the results in an upcoming video…

Many folks think mountain bikes were absolutely fine the way they were back in the 90s, the heyday of MTBs. Some even think those bikes are essentially the same as modern gravel bikes. Obviously, the industry has changed, with two forces driving it: innovation and marketing. So, we decided to look at some of the standards and gimmicks that have become popular (and sometimes contentious) topics to figure out whether they’re worthy innovations or marketing hype…

In one of our next YouTube videos, we’ll unpack a multitude of such topics—geometry, parts, standards, and more—one by one, but first, we need your help. Because we value your opinion, we’re asking our readers to fill out a brief survey to share whether you think these topics are worthy innovations or simply marketing hype. In addition to sharing the results in the upcoming video, we’ll provide our two cents on each topic.

Enter and Win

By subscribing to our YouTube channel, clicking the notification bell, and filling out the survey below, you will automatically be entered to win one of three Kitsbow Icon shirts, and instantly receive a 25% off code to Be sure to do all three or your contest entry will not be valid. We’ll announce the three winners at the end of our Worthy Innovation or Marketing Hype? video in the next few weeks. Good luck everyone, and thanks for your help!

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