WTB just announced its all-new carbon rims that they claim outperform the competition in durability and weight at a lower price point. Learn more about the all-new WTB CZR rims here…

The new WTB Carbon CZR Rims are touted to have “unbeatable strength while also coming in lighter than the competition.” They feature 4D angled spoke hole drilling, an asymmetrical design, and their very own pre-installed Solid Strip TCS tubeless integration that makes them nearly impervious to losing pressure in the event of a broken spoke. The Solid Strip lies beneath the tubeless tape and prevents sagging at the spoke holes, creating a smooth interface between the rim and tire bead. This prevents air from escaping around the bead and therefore requires less air volume and pressure to mount a tire.

The CZR Rims are available in 23mm and 30mm widths. The CZR i23 gravel rim is available in 24-hole or 28-hole configurations and weighs 331g and 345g, respectively, while the enduro-ready CZR i30 is available in 28-hole or 32-hole configurations and weighs in at 472g and 484g.

  • WTB CZR Rims
  • WTB CZR Rims

WTB sent their CZR Rims to a third-party lab to conduct destructive testing against what they considered to be the best carbon rims available at the time. Tests showed the CZR i23 rims proved to be 38% more impact resistant than their direct competition, while their CZR i30 rims were 10% more impact resistant. WTB acknowledges that accidents happen and offers a limited lifetime warranty as well as a no-questions-asked crash replacement policy. If you break a rim, you’ll receive 50% off the MSRP of its replacement.

  • WTB CZR Rims
  • WTB CZR Rims
Wheel Wheel Size Width Spoke Hole Weight
CZR 700 i23 700c 23mm 24h 331g
CZR 700 i23 700c 23mm 28h 345g
CZR 29 i30 29″ 30mm 28h 472g
CZR 29 i30 29″ 30mm 32h 484g

All CZR carbon rims have an MSRP of $569.95 USD—which WTB claims is priced lower than other premium carbon rims on the market—and are available through your local WTB dealer. Learn more at WTB.com.



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