Finally, a ladies’ saddle that’s not just for the ladies. If you are a guy who’s sought comfort in a women-specific saddle to bear those long days while bikepacking, you’ll understand what’s behind the new WTB Koda…

WTB has just unveiled their new “female-focused” Koda saddle during day one of Eurobike. What is meant by “female-focused”? According to WTB, the Koda was refined through two years of feedback from female testers and has evolved into a saddle that even the boys at the office are fighting over. Considering I have found comfort in several of Specialized’s women-specific saddles over the years, this is no brainer. Bikepacking means epic days in the saddle and if it works for you, use it. The Koda is available in both 142mm and 150mm widths and features supportive outer zones divided by a generous middle channel to alleviate soft-tissue pressure on sensitive areas. Its short nose is designed to provide seamless on-off transitions while — like many other WTB saddle designs — a slightly swooped shape provides an adequate tail to brace against.

WTB Koda Saddle, female-focused not women-specific

“My first ride on the Koda saddle was a 30-second spin around my neighborhood,” explained Rebecca Rusch, WTB athlete and endurance racing legend. “With really good or really poor saddle fit, you know immediately. The first test ride gave me that “aha” feeling that needs no description. I had finally found my unicorn. I liked the Koda enough after 30 seconds on it, that I made a very risky choice and committed to riding it on a 450-mile solo journey from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN. Four days in the saddle, multiple hours per day and no option to change the saddle. It was a big commitment and even after that long journey, I still have that “aha” feeling when I jump on the Koda.”

WTB Koda Saddle, female-focused not women-specific

The Koda came about through requests for WTB to have a more focused line of performance saddles geared toward women. WTB listened to this request and used the feedback of numerous female riders to determine a wide center channel, short nose-to-tail length and medium padding thickness as the key ingredients to making a female-focused saddle compatible with the greatest amount of riders.

“We all know how important a good saddle is, especially for us women,” stated Anneke Beerten, WTB athlete and two-time world champion in four-cross. “From the moment I received the first prototype, I loved the Koda saddle. Right away I used it at the first Enduro World Series in New Zealand, which was 8 hours long! 8 hours with no problems at all from my saddle… the Koda is def my go-to saddle!”

WTB Koda Saddle, female-focused not women-specific

Riders often find the shape of a saddle to fit them perfectly, only to realize the width simply doesn’t match up with the positioning of their sit bones. The Koda is WTB’s first female-focused saddle available in two widths, 142mm and 150mm. To determine which width is ideal for you, use the cardboard method (google ‘cardboard bike saddle sit bones’) or WTB states you can stop by your local bike shop to use the WTB Personalized Saddle Fit System.

WTB Koda Saddle, female-focused not women-specific
  • Team (Titanium, Black/Black) 210g/223g, Microfiber Cover/DNA Padding
  • Pro (Cromoly, Black/White) 230g/233g, Microfiber Cover/DNA Padding
  • Race (Cromoly, Black/Red) 276g/281g, Microfiber Cover/Standard Padding
  • Comp (Steel, Black/Silver) 326g/333g, Synthetic Cover/Standard Padding

The Koda saddle is available in four different models, providing different padding levels and rail materials. The premier-level Koda Team features titanium rails, DNA padding, an MSRP of $129.95, and weighs 210g for the 142mm model while the 150mm model weighs 223 grams. The Koda Pro features cromoly rails, DNA padding and an MSRP of $89.95. The Koda Race features cromoly rails, Standard padding, and an MSRP of $59.95. The Koda Comp features steel rails, Standard padding and an MSRP of $39.95. All models of the Koda saddle will be in stock at the WTB warehouse in Novato, California within the coming month. Learn more over at



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