WTB puts a new spin on gravel with the just released ‘All-Weather’ Resolute 42 Gravel Tire…

The WTB Resolute 42 gravel tire — available in both 650b and 700c wheel sizes — is intended to address all-weather needs by providing mud clearance while still retaining a fast and efficient feel for harder surfaces. “This tire was particularly challenging to develop,” stated Evan Smith, WTB’s manager of new product development. “Conflicting design elements were asked of it – it had to be fast, had to be light, had to resist flexing on harder surfaces and pavement, yet it still had to clear muck like a true all-weather tire,” explained Smith. “Not easy, but I’m pleased with the outcome.”

WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire
  • WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire
  • WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire

The Resolute 42 uses small, square-shaped blocks to create a 1-2-1-2 fast-rolling and tightly spaced centerline tread. According to WTB, the slightly offset and openly spaced intermediate blocks provide a consistent transition area that provides ample support while still allowing mud evacuation. Buttressed side knobs are angled and occur in pairings to further aid in shedding muck while an additional layer of rubber connects their bases to assist in stability and guard against abrasion. The Resolute 42 tire was designed around a 23mm inner rim width to ensure an optimal tread profile on a rim that would provide ample volume.

WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire, all-weather
  • WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire, all-weather
  • WTB Resolute 42 Gravel Tire, all-weather

“There has been a bit of a disconnect between the marketed application of gravel bikes and the tread patterns available to them,” stated Will Ritchie, WTB’s drop bar category manager. “Gravel bikes are asked to ride through it all, conquer any surface. If it starts raining, keep riding, if it’s dry, ride through that too – go on road, go off road, do it all. A year round tire is needed, something efficient, but something that can still deal with rain and mud. The Resolute 42 was designed from the ground up to be that do-it-all tire.”

The WTB Resolute 42 tire uses the sealant-optimized TCS Lightweight Casing with tan sidewalls, and are available in both 650b and 700c sizes.

  • Weight (650b x 42 TCS Light) 442g
  • Weight (700c x 42 TCS Light) 468g
  • Price (650b x 42 TCS Light) $51.95
  • Price (700c x 42 TCS Light) $54.95
  • Availability Currently in stock and shipping from WTB



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