Crash Course in Singlespeeding

Curious to understand what the fuss is all about, Neil has been trying his hand at single speeding throughout the past couple of months. In this video, he shares the top 10 things he’s learned during his single-speed crash course…

Chances are, quite a few of our readers have tried singlespeed mountain biking at some point in time. For those who have pedaled with one gear, you’re well aware of the simplicity, meditative quality, and completely different style of riding that a singlespeed bike provides. Inspired by the Alexandera Houchin’s efforts over the years, Neil decided to try it out for himself. In this video, he walks through the 10 lessons he learned in the process. Watch it below, then scroll down for a list of relevant links and products.

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  • Crash Course in Singlespeeding
  • Crash Course in Singlespeeding
  • Crash Course in Singlespeeding
  • Crash Course in Singlespeeding

Singlespeed Reference

We compiled a list of relevant tools, products, and other such materials that might help singlespeed-curious folks begin their journey.

Gear Inches Calculator

Tire Size:

Chainring Teeth:

Rear Cog Teeth:

Gear Inches:
Metres of Development:

Singlespeed Cogs

Here are a few of the most well-regarded singlespeed cogs and spacer kits on the market:

Endless Kick Ass Cogs

Endless Bike Co is a woman-owned and operated business in Brevard, North Carolina, that’s been making anodized singlespeed cogs for well over a decade. They’re available in a wide variety of colors and sizes. More at

Wolf Tooth Singlespeed Cogs

Wolf Tooth also offers a wide variety of machined aluminum cogs, each made in Minnesota. Find their selection at

Surly Singlespeed Cogs

Surly makes a selection of hardened chromoly steel cogs. Find them here.

Surly Singlespeed Spacers

The Surly Singlespeed Spacer kit is one of the more popular options out there and works with a standard Shimano HG hub driver. Find it here.

Singlespeed Conversion

If you have a bike without a sliding or pivoting dropout, or other means of tensioning a chain, here are a couple of well-regarded chain tensioners and other products for singlespeed conversion:

Surly Singleator

The Surly Singleator mounts to rear derailleur hangers for a simple, effective, and adjustable means of creating vertical dropout singlespeed drivetrains. More at

PAUL Melvin

The Melvin bolts to the frame where the rear derailleur would normally go and allows the use of a singlespeed rear wheel on bikes with vertical dropouts. Detail at

Problem Solvers Zinger

The Problem Solvers Zinger allows you to add a singlespeed cog to a SRAM XD hub driver. It comes with 19 and 20 tooth cogs and all the spacers you need. Find it here.

If you’re a singlespeeder and have any product recommendations or tips, please leave them in the conversation below…



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