How Hard Is It To Dent A Rim… and Then Fix It? (Video)

Ever wonder how difficult it is to dent an aluminum rim? In this video, Neil attempts to damage a rim on purpose so he can demonstrate how to fix it. Like many experiments, it didn’t go as planned, but it did result in some fun takeaways and even a dent, which he shows how to fix quickly with the right tool…

Unless you run unusually high tire pressures, dinging a rim on a pothole or rock is unavoidable while riding on dirt roads and gravel. This is especially true when bikepacking with extra weight. And while most of these instances don’t result in any visible damage, it can happen. In our latest video, Neil decided to experiment with this idea and see what it takes to dent a rim and then repair it. Watch it below, and be sure to chime in down in the conversation section with any experiences you’ve had repairing damaged rims.

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  • Fix Rim dent, bike
  • Fix Rim dent, bike

Wolf Tooth Lever + Rim Dent Remover

While the dent remover might not be as essential as the tire lever on this two-function tool by Wolf Tooth Components, it’s a neat inclusion and certainly not common on other multi-tools. It’s worth noting that it can be used on its own or stashed together with both of the other 8-Bit Multi Tools. Wolf Tooth has designed the tools in a way that they can be stashed together as pairs in any combination or as a complete system.

  • Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Kit One Review
  • Wolf Tooth 8-bit system review
  • Wolf Tooth 8-Bit Kit One Review
  • Material: 7075-T6 aluminum / high-strength nylon composite
  • Weight (as tested): 30 grams
  • Dimensions: 146mm x 20mm x 8mm
  • Place of Manufacture: USA
  • Price: $19.95 USD
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

Have you ever fixed a dented rim? If so, let us know how you did it in the conversation below.




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