Scotti Lechuga’s Arkansas High Country Race Packlist (Video)

Scotti Lechuga just released a video outlining the Arkansas High Country Race packlist used during her record-setting ride at this year’s event. Watch it here…

Scotti Lechuga (@scottilechuga) was this year’s overall winner of the Arkansas High Country Race, a 1,021-mile event featuring over 80,000 ft of climbing through the Ouachita and Ozark National Forests. The AHRC is touted as one of the toughest fully self-supported gravel races in the US, so planning and packing for it is no small feat. Scotti Lechuga finished this year’s event in a record-setting time of 5 days, 10 hours, and 49 minutes, pushing through heavy rain and drivetrain-killing mud, and setting a new women’s fastest known time in the process. Afterwards, Scotti put together a video breaking down her race kit, including everything from bike specs to clothing choices. Watch the full 17-minute video below.

  • Scotti Arkansas High Country Race Packlist
  • Scotti Arkansas High Country Race Packlist
Scotti Arkansas High Country Race Packlist


– Wahoo ROAM
– Wahoo Elemnt as a backup
– iPhone
– Anchor cache battery
– charger cables
– backup batteries for headlamp
– Fenix helmet light
– ear buds
– multi-USB wall cube
– di2 charger
– extra di2 battery
– SPOT Gen 4 Tracker
– Serfas front bike light (failed) then I replaced with a Bontrager front light
– rear blinky light


– Apidura Expedition 9L seat pack
– Apidura Backcountry 4L frame pack
– Apidura Expedition Top Tube packs x 2
– Apidura Expedition Down Tube pack
– Apidura Food Pouch (I used it for another water bottle)

Tools / Repair

– 29’er Tubes
– Voile Straps
– Lezyne frame pump
– Dumonde chain lube
– electrical and duct tape (wrapped around frame pump)
– Crank Brothers multitool
– small bottle of Orange Seal
– Fix-a-Spoke fix kit
– Plugs & bacon strips
– misc. bolts and spare Shimano spd cleat
– pocket knife
– Wolf Tooth pliers
– chain links and a quick link
– e-cable and e-tool
– patch kit with glue
– brake pads
– zip ties
– derailleur hanger
– handyman tool
– safety pins

Sleep System

– Big Agnes 40 degree bag
– emergency Bivvy

Personal Care

– wallet/money/ID’s
– toothbrush/toothpaste
– Salty Britches skin ointment
– tampons
– mileage chart with resupplies
– wet wipes
– 2 large ziploc bags for trash/waterproofing my phone
– first aide med kit with basic gauze/alcohol swabs/bandages/tweezers/needle/thread
– ibuprofen
– SaltStick electrolyte tabs
– sunglasses
– Katadyne 2-in-1 water filter/bladder
– Osprey hydration bladder for water storage
– 25 oz water bottle for spraying dogs in the face


– 2 pairs of Rapha bib shorts
– Rapha short finger gloves
– Defeet long finger gloves
– 1 Rapha jersey
– arm and leg warmers
– 2 merino base layers
– Mountain Hardware Puffy Jacket
– Mountain Hardware Rain Jacket
– wind vest
– 2 pairs of Smart Guy merino socks
– 2 Smart Wool sports bras
– 1 head cover/gaiter
– Rapha Explore mountain bike shoes
– helmet

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