Into The Island of Ice: Bikepacking Baffin Island

An ‘illustrated’ video documenting a bikepacking trip over the Akshayuk Pass, a new 100 mile route across Baffin Island’s Auyuittuq National Park…

Baffin Island is the fifth-largest island in the world and has just 11,000 inhabitants, 75 percent of whom are native Inuit. The huge island sits adjacent to Greenland, and its massive Auyuittuq National Park houses the Penny Ice Cap, a chuck if ice that’s a half-mile thick, the size of Rhode Island, and the sole remnant of the last global ice age 18,000 years ago. Cutting across the park is also a 70-mile glacial valley called Akshayuk Pass (Akshayuk means “the land that never melts” in Inuktitut). This illustrated film documents the trip — also to be featured in the May issue of Bike Magazine — that took days of bike-pushing and an emergency shelter layover to pull through…

  • Bikepacking Baffin Island
  • Bikepacking Baffin Island
  • Bikepacking Baffin Island Map
Bikepacking Baffin Island

Video by Alex Frankel
Photography by Kari Medig

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