Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 (video)

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After bikepacking around the world for several years, Jona decided to tackle his first bikepacking race, which proved itself more challenging than expected. Here’s a video documenting his race and a set of photos from the ride…

Photos courtesy of Bombtrack by Sam Buchli Fotografie

After almost four years spent traveling around the world by bicycle, Jona Riechmann decided to take his passion for bikepacking in another direction over the summer. He signed up for his first self-supported bikepacking race, Switzerland’s Navad 1000. Although confident enough in his own experience and fitness to deal with the challenges of such a race, he found himself tested beyond his own expectations. Several days in, he was confronted with a question he’d never had to ask himself before. Watch the video and find a set of photos by Sam Buchli Fotografie below.

  • Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video
  • Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video
Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video

The Nadad 1000

The Navad 1000 is a 1,000 kilometer, self-supported ultra-endurance bikepacking race that climbs 30,000 meters (98,400 feet) through the Swiss Alps.

Navad 1000 Route Map

If you’re interested in learning more about the Navad 1000, make sure to check out “I’m Not Stopping,” a film following Lael Wilcox as she finishes the race in 4 days, 10 hours, and 13 minutes, setting the new second fastest finishing time and becoming the second woman ever to complete the Navad 1000. Additionally, check out the 2019 race in our Events Calendar.

  • Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video
  • Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video
Bombtrack at The Navad 1000 video

Bike: Bombtrack Bicycle Co. Hook ADV
Filming: Stefan “Fish” Vis
Production: Marvin Beranek
Graphical elements: Marko Sajn
Sound design: Marvin Beranek
Music: Deaf Radio “Anytime”and “Backseats” / The Milk “Wanderlust“



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