Broken Road (Film)

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Huw and Annie traveled by fatbike and packraft through Knoydart, one of the UK’s least accessible peninsulas, to link up old roads that have disintegrated with time. Along the way, Annie made this film. Watch it here and see a photoset from the trip…

Huw and Annie are used to exploring the trails that criss-cross the complex landscape of the Scottish Highlands, but whichever direction they head, the trail eventually runs out. The sparsely inhabited peninsula of Knoydart is almost cut off from the mainland by two encircling, fjord-like sea lochs and mountainous “Rough Bounds,” making land travel steep and arduous. Before the forced Highland Clearances of the 19th century, people in fact lived there, and the incredible roads they built are draped around slabs of rock and narrow glens. Before these old roads disappear back into the bogs that they were raised from, the combination of bikes and packrafts can give a unique way to travel in places that still echo with the lives of people who used to call them home.

  • Broken Roads Film
  • Broken Roads Film
  • Broken Roads Film
  • Broken Roads Film
  • Broken Roads Film
Broken Roads Film

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