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Filmmaker Cyril Chermin recently released this brilliant mini-documantary set in Kyrgyzstan during the Silk Road Mountain Race. The film blends footage of women riding the event with that of Kyrgyz women to look at important perspectives often overlooked in race coverage…

We stumbled upon two amazing films that were quietly released a couple weeks ago. Amsterdam-based filmmaker Cyril Chermin teamed up with Eleanor Moseman, Nurjamal Djanibekova, and Jay Ritchey to create these shorts while following the inaugeral Silk Road Mountain Race in Kyrgyzstan. But the race is not only about suffering and hardship, it is about meetings, reflecting, and connection. The second (below) one impressed us the most. It follows cyclist Rickie Cotter and talks to a Kyrgyz woman about her perspective on the mountains, women traveling alone, and why this is important for the future their children…

  • Brooks X SRMR (films)
  • Brooks X SRMR film
  • Brooks X SRMR film
I had no idea about the place and I thought, that’s scary. I think I just need to put myself there… -Rickie Cotter

Cyril’s second documentary interviews riders and talks to a local horseman to compare similar impressions of riding in among the breathtaking Tian Shan mountains.

  • Brooks X SRMR film
  • Brooks X SRMR film



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