Catch and Cook Fails (Chris Wilson)

In Chris Wilson’s latest videos, he and riding partner Rob embark on two weekend bikepacking outings with the intention of catching and cooking trout along the way. And while their plans don’t always come to fruition, they always have a good time. Watch them both here alongside photos and notes about the trips…

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve been posting a few of Chris Wilson’s videos lately. In many of them (which you can see in the related links at the bottom of this post), Chris sets out on solo missions and documents his experience with his own unique style. In others, such as these two, Chris goes with his riding buddy Rob, and the antics ensue. In Chris’ latest two videos, the duo set out on a couple “catch and cook” trips with the aim of feasting on the bounty from Oregon’s lakes and rivers. Unfortunately, they’re not always successful. Nevertheless, they have a good time. Watch the videos below alongside introductions and photos from Chris.

Catch and Cook Bikepacking Trip Fail (Basin Lake)

“A few months ago Rob and I went on a catch and cook bikepacking trip, but we only caught one fish, and it was a real struggle. We wanted a repeat, but this time instead of rationing a single fish, we wanted to feast on lake trout next to a campfire. So, Rob clued me into a lake where he allegedly hooked a giant trout years back.”

  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos

Metolious River Weekend

“On the past few bikepacking trips Rob and I have set out with the goal to catch and cook a trout. While all the trips have been fun, we’ve been striking out in the Catch and Cook department. This would be yet another attempt. We pedaled along the Metolious River (which is catch and release only) and made our way to Lake Billy Chinook where we could actually eat something if we caught it.” (more on the route below)

  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
  • Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos
Chris Wilson Catch and Cook Videos

The Route

This is the route they used in the Metolious River trip, although they decided to start at Camp Sherman rather than Sisters, but Sisters would be a great starting point!

Chris Wilson

About Chris Wilson

Chris Wilson was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and is based out of Vancouver, Washington. He started backpacking, then moved to climbing, and after riding the White Rim Trail, got hooked on bikepacking. Find a few more of Chris’s videos documenting various routes in the related content grid below.

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