Curious Pedals – Cycling from Finland to Singapore (Video)

In 2022, friends Alvari Poikola and Valtteri Heinilä pedaled 15,000 kilometers across more than 20 countries, departing from their home in Finland and completing their ride in Singapore. “Curious Pedals” is a feature-length documentary about their incredible eight-month journey across Europe and Asia. Watch it here…

Words, photos, and video by Alvari Poikola and Valtteri Heinilä

Cycling is the ultimate form of travelling. Everything you have is all you need. Each item has its place and purpose. Relying entirely on your ability to adapt to the environment around you and keep pushing the pedals. For me, that’s beautiful.

Curious Pedals
  • Curious Pedals
  • Curious Pedals

Friends from university and always wanted a life of adventure, Valtteri and I wanted to see how far our legs could carry us if we didn’t stop pedalling. Our bikes took us from Finland all the way to Singapore. Travelling across Eurasia was a fascinating journey of cultures and landscapes gradually changing from the familiar to the unfamiliar. Over the course of 245 days, we cycled 15,000 kilometres through 21 countries.

  • Curious Pedals
  • Curious Pedals
  • Curious Pedals

After returning to Finland, I started compiling a testimony of this adventure in the form of a documentary film. Making this documentary was itself a wild ride. It’s my first time creating anything like this, and I’m incredibly excited to share it with people.

  • Curious Pedals
  • Curious Pedals

Thanks for watching. We hope this film will inspire you to be bold in you adventures in whatever form they come. If you’d like, you can find many more photos from from our ride on Instagram.

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