Cycling to Argentina EP2: Alaskan Mosquito Onslaught (Video)

Greg and Victoria are back with another video chronicling their long journey from Arctic Alaska down to Patagonia. In this episode, they wrap up the Dalton Highway amid a scourge of mosquitos, find their fair share of hills and rain, and Victoria celebrates a birthday. Take a look here…

Photos and video by Greg McCahon (@gregmccahon)

In the second episode of their new video series, our friends Greg and Victoria—who’ll have a feature story in the upcoming issue of The Bikepacking Journal—continue pedaling south across Alaska as they slowly make their way to Argentina. We catch up with them on a 250-mile stretch of the Dalton Highway between Coldfoot and Fairbanks, Alaska, for which they’d loaded up with around seven days’ worth of food. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation could help them deal with the clouds of viscious mosquitos they had to face while cranking up the area’s many climbs and fighting with the wind. Watch the video below:

“If you see this video and we’re not alive, we’ve been eaten by mosquitoes.”
  • Cycling to Argentina, Greg McCahon
  • Cycling to Argentina, Greg McCahon
  • Cycling to Argentina, Greg McCahon

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