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An inspiring video series titled “See The World” follows a young man’s bike journey from the Canadian Arctic, through Alaska, along the GDMBR, to Argentina, and beyond…

Somewhere along his first trip across Canada, Iohan Gueorguiev discovered a passion in trying to capture what makes traveling by bicycle interesting, inspiring, and unique. In April, 2014 Iohan took off to cycle around the world and decided to document the journey through a series of long-format videos titled “SEE THE WORLD”. Currently, the four-part series follows Iohan from the Canadian Arctic through the US. There is also a trailer for number five, and suggestions that the series will continue throughout his trip to Argentina and beyond. Set aside a few hours (or bookmark it for a rainy night), grab some popcorn, and be ready to binge-watch… there’s some great stuff here. If you just want a taste, scroll to the bottom and check out the trailer for #5.

See The World (Part 1): The Arctic

Iohan started his journey on the frozen Arctic Ocean and ice highways connecting the remote communities in northern Canada. He slowly made his way south to the warmer regions of the Yukon and British Columbia. This episode is split in two due to length.

See The World (part 2): Alaska

Iohan entered Alaska from the Yukon via The Top of the World Highway and booked the last ferry leaving from Haines, AK on Sept 27th, 2014. During his time there he cycled legendary roads such as ALCAN, The Denali highway, The Haul Road (Dalton Highway) and the two park roads leading into Denali National Park and Wrangell-St. Elias wilderness. This segment also features a few interesting interviews with natives, locals, and fellow travelers about their impression of Alaska.

See The World (part 3): The Great Divide, in Winter

Despite the challenges that winter imposes on The Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, Iohan set off from Banff, Alberta on October 14, 2014. Along with solitude, the winter months brought other challenges such as the lack of services due to seasonal business closings.

See The World (part 4): National Parks

Once he finished The Great Divide, Iohan made for the southwest to visit the Canyonlands, Arches, Grand Canyon, Zion, Death Valley, Yosemite, and everything in between.

See The World (part 5): Trailer

After joining the Blackburn Ranger Team for 2015, he had another chance to ride the spine of the Rockies from Canada to Mexico. He followed the GDMBR and CDT, along with a lot of detours, which accumulated about 4000 miles over 3 months. Here’s a taste of the full episode:

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