Cycling to Argentina EP3: Bikepacking Denali (Video)

The third installment of Greg and Victoria’s video series about their ride from Alaska to Patagonia finds them in Denali National Park, where a landslide saw them taking on miles of hike-a-bike and dozens of river crossings. Catch up with their journey in episode three here…

Words, photos, and video by Greg McCahon (@gregmccahon)

I was initially pretty disappointed when I heard about the landslide on the park road in Denali National Park, as riding it had long been on my wishlist of things to do in Alaska. But, when we heard rumours that it may be possible to push the bikes five miles up a river bank and reconnect with the road the other side, we had to go and take a look for ourselves! When we got to the park, the rangers confirmed the rumours: it was indeed possible if you were sufficiently prepared for a sufferfest. They were all too happy to issue us the permits and wish us on our way.

  • Greg McCahon, Bikepacking Denali
  • Greg McCahon, Bikepacking Denali
“To our surprise, the rangers were actually very happy to issue us the permits and let us give it a go.”

Forty-three miles later, we were on the riverbank and commenced the great bike push. It took us around three and a half hours in total, and we crossed the river probably over a million times. As no cars, busses, or other vehicles have been able to travel on this road for nearly a year, the wildlife was abundant; it was like exploring a national park after an apocalypse. We saw moose, tons of caribou, and five grizzlies!

Greg McCahon, Bikepacking Denali
  • Greg McCahon, Bikepacking Denali
  • Greg McCahon, Bikepacking Denali

To experience Denali like this was something I will never forget. It was a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Although it’s a shame not everyone has access to this part of the park anymore, it provides an incredible opportunity for those that are willing and able to work a little to get round to the other side. In total, we spent four days in the park, and it was absolutely the best four days of the trip so far.

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