Cycling to Argentina EP7: Too Cold to Camp (Video)

In the seventh episode of Greg McCahon and Ana Victoria Cedillo’s “Cycling to Argentina” video series, the pair are caught in a snowstorm while pedaling through British Columbia. They’re forced to seek shelter to escape the cold, leading to some heartwarming interactions with the Canadians who take them in. Watch it here…

Words, photos, and video by Greg McCahon (@gregmccahon)

Starting this multi-year journey was a last-minute decision for us. Within two weeks of speaking the words aloud for the first time, we were up in Alaska, preparing to set off. Because of this, our timing wasn’t ideal. Most cyclists attempting this journey plan to start a couple of months earlier. We knew we were cutting it close, but the repercussions only became clear three months later as we were riding through British Columbia, Canada.

  • Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon
  • Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon

Winter finally caught us in this episode, and we struggled to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions. As we were exposed and way out of our depth, the only possible way to make it through in one piece was to ask for help from the people we encountered. Some moments in this video are genuinely some of the scariest of my life. Heading out into a snowstorm, we knew we weren’t equipped to camp, and our only hope was to find someone along the road who might take us in before things got too bad. Thankfully, the generosity of hospitality of the local people was overwhelming.

  • Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon
  • Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon
  • Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon
Bikepacking Canada, Greg McCahon

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