FilmFestFriday: Distance

By definition, distance is a numerical description of how far apart things are; but it may also represent a span of time, a departure from normality, or the idea of pushing what is possible…

When we began our trip through Africa, I was amazed by the perceived largeness of everything there. Mountains, valleys, and landscapes seemed overwhelmingly vast. The spaces in between things were exaggerated unlike anywhere I’ve travelled, almost as if the rules of physics had been bent. Here are 4 videos to help put a little distance between you and your to-do list this Friday:

Fix the Iceland on Vimeo

Going the distance is often about pushing what is possible, both physically and mentally. These guys rode fixies across the rugged and empty desert of Iceland. Need I say more.

Fix the Iceland from krystof melka on Vimeo.

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa on Vimeo

Sometimes it’s about putting distance between yourself and your place of comfort.

Lucas Brunelle goes to Africa from Cinelli Official on Vimeo.

The Bus – A Journey Up North

These guys definitely go the extra mile to do it their own way… and they do a lot of it.

The Bus: A Journey Up North from Joey Schusler on Vimeo.

NYC to GSC on Vimeo

Distance may simply be perceived as the space between opposite ends.

NYC to GSC from Search and State on Vimeo.



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