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Photographer Chris Hornbecker made this wonderful film about a little bikepacking trip he took on his Kona Libre during Covid-19 quarantine. Watch it here alongside a few behind the scenes tidbits…

Making the best use of his time during lockdown, Kona Ambassador Chris Hornbecker decided to create a bikepacking film about reconnecting with nature after months of Covid-19 quarantine. For this project, Chris used a little odd school movie magic to document this one of a kind journey from his home in Portland, Oregon. Watch it below and then scroll down for a little behind the scenes insight…

There wasn’t much movie magic to this film, after all. In Chris’ words, it was “more of a projector and some complimentary lighting. With those ingredients in place I just needed to add some stock footage to complete the journey. Now that we can actually venture out again, let’s go reconnect with nature and slow down.”

Home Trippin bikepacking video
  • Home Trippin bikepacking video
  • Home Trippin bikepacking video

Chris Hornbecker is a professional photographer based in Portland, Oregon and shoots for brands such as Nike, Levi’s, Adidas and Sony. Find more from Chris on Instagram @hornbecker.