I Need Adventure

Find what you love and do a lot of it… [VIDEO]

About a year ago I was reading about an exercise used to try and hash out concepts for personal photography work. Basically the idea is to jumpstart the creative process by identifying and mulling over specific things or ideals you are passionate about. So I started digging in to my brain to pull out things that give me joy. As I was jotting things down there was one that stood out. Adventure.

As redundant and taken-for-granted as this word may seem, I started thinking to myself that adventure was a pretty important ingredient in a well-lived life. On a grand scale, it’s something that’s missing for most people. Hell, think about the history of civilization and the fact that we exist in the first couple of generations to have every convenience ready at hand and live a comparatively flat life. We haven’t roughed across some great expanse to chase a dream. Most of us haven’t set out on a huge expedition to be the first to conquer some far off land. I started getting the feeling that a big adventure was something that was slightly deficient in my life.

Somewhere in there I heard about bicycle touring and began to obsess on how this could be the magical ingredient to bake a grand adventure. I could jump on a bike and take off on my mother of all adventures. Somehow I managed to magically talk Virginia into the idea, and we got Mike to get in on the action and the wheels were set in motion.

Today I ran across this TedX video and it reminded me of that conviction that will be pushing us out the door in about 46 days. Very inspiring stuff:

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