Ixtapan de la Sal to Taxco, etc.

This is actually a combination of what would normally be a couple of posts. Mike’s computer bit the dust so he couldn’t get his Ixtapan > Taxco photos up… so here we are a week or so later not having WiFi for a bit…

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After a couple of days in Ixtapan, we took off on an impromptu route over some amazing and scenic double-track dirt roads. After a day of grueling climbs we made it to Taxco. I swear at one point there were vultures circling us as we climbed 1,500 feet out of a river valley in sweltering heat. It was mutually agreed that Taxco proved to be one of the most beautiful cities any of us have ever seen.

After 3 days there we set the wheels to the road again and visited the amazing Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. This NationalPark is home to one of the largest cave systems in the world. From the Grutas, which are basically in the middle of nowhere, we took on several long days in the saddle and some bizarre campsites. Here are some photos to tell the story:

Bike Touring photo

Stopping for the view on a dirt road outside Ixtapan de la Sal

Bike Touring photo

Roads were barely on any map, so we had to pick a direction.

Bike Touring photo

Pretty big climb, but rewarding.

Bike Touring photo

View on the other side.

Bike Touring photo

Negotiating a water crossing.

Travel photo - taxco

Stayed for a few days in Taxco, a wonderful city (main image on post is the view from our hotel balcony.

Travel photo - street photography

Church in Taxco Zocolo.

Travel photo - street photography

Visitor on the rooftop bar.

Travel photo - taxco

Creepy bronze sculptures depicting the annual, self-mutilating, Semana Santa pilgrimage to Taxco (now condemmed by the government).

Travel photo - Taxco

Another view of Taxco.

Travel photo - street photography

Go Hornets.

Travel photo - Grutas

The magnificent Grutas de Cacahuamilpa. It’s hard to show how huge the cave was…
Travel photo - Grutas

Travel photo - bike camping

Our campsite at the Grutas… complete with pool.

Travel photo - Las Estacas

After another day of riding we camped at Las Estacas based around a river that sprang from an aqua fir.

Travel photo - Las Estacas

Probably the most clear water I have ever seen.

Travel photo - Las Estacas

Bike Touring Dirt Roads

Another day in the saddle that started with a gravel-grinder.

Biuke touring - Mexico camping

Our camping that night at a waterpark… very odd indeed.

Travel photo - Mexico

Not sure what these guys were for… maybe someone’s dinner.

Bike Touring

Gin breakfasting on Mexican oreos.

Surly Troll - panniers racks

Nice coolor scheme.

Bike Touring

Entering the state of Puebla.

Travel photo - hotel

Our fine 230 peso accommodations that night.

Travel photo - Christmas

A walk to the store led us through a procession of carolers.

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