Leon to Granada, Nicaragua

A short post about our rides through Nicaragua… so far. Now, we’re off to Isla de Omotepe… more to come.

After a quick trip (by shuttle bus to honor the wishes of various parental units, and make up some distance) through El Salvador and Southern Honduras, we landed in Leon, Nicaragua. Leon is a beautiful colonial city, nestled in the volcanic lowlands of the Cordillera Los Marrabios volcano range. With a turbulent history as the center of the Sandanista youth movement, Leon harbors a lot of evidence of its revolutionary past. After a day or so in Leon, we pedaled to a remote surf camp eco-lodge, called GreenSurf, in the tiny village of El Transito. From the coast we crossed the volcanic swell of land over to Managua, then on to Laguna de Apoyo and Granada. Now we are off to the Island of Omotepe to do a figure-eight loop with our new friend Lee. Here are more details in photos:

Bike Touring - El Tunco El Salvador
Te beach at El Tunco El Salvador. The rocks make a very meditative sound when they are washed up and down the surf… beautiful place.

Bike Tour - Leon Nicaragua
In Leon, Nicaragua there are a lot of horse-drawn buggies used for working purposes.

Leon Nicaragua
A large Sandanista mural, one of which is stomping on Tio Sam.

Leon Nicaragua
The square in Leon with a monument to the revolution.

Leon Nicaragua
This mural depicts the shooting of four college students during a revolutionary uprising.

Typical Nicaraguan breakfast
Typical Nicaraguan breakfast consists of huevos revueltos, gallo pinto (rice and red beans) fried green plantains and fried cheese.

Leon Nicaragua
Gin wrote this gentleman a letter, in English, to help him explain his situation and get donations from tourists. His cousin also pictured here is a full-time caretaker.

Leon Nicaragua
More revolution murals in Leon.

Leon Nicaragua
Leon is has a lot of neat colonial architecture.

Bicycle tour in nicaragua
New beer. I think Nicaragua has the coldest beers in C.A.

Nicaraguan food
A typical snack of fried green plantain chips served with vinegar marinated onions and hot peppers.

Surly Troll with Rohloff and Tubus, Central America
Gin posing at the mural with our Surly Trolls on the ride out of Leon.

Bicycle touring in Nicaragua
Probably the best coke I’ve had yet… a nice break from riding in the Nicaraguan heat.

GreenSurf, Nicaragua El Transito
Every night at the surf camp, GreenSurf, we were served grilled fish (this one is Sea Bass) with beans and rice, slaw, potatoes and fresh squeezed juices… awesome work Dave! Watch the waves roll in and dine in style.

Greensurf Nicaragua

Roxy doing here well balanced dance for scraps… she also rides a longboard occasionally.
GreenSurf Nicaragua
GreenSurf with the moon coming up.

Bike touring Nicaragua - Surly Troll
Heading up and out from the Pacific.

Masaya Volcano, Nicaragua
Volcan Masaya – you’re only allowed to stay at the craters edge for under 20 minutes because of the sulphur gases.

Volcan Masaya
The cross at the Volcano was originally built by Spaniards because they thought it was the entrance to hell.

Bike touring Nicaragua - Volcan Masaya
Another shot of the crater edge.

Bike touring Nicaragua - Surly Troll
Our campsite in Laguna de Apoyo (all of the hostels were full for Semana Santa, so we got lucky when George offered us a place for the night.

Bike touring Nicaragua
Granada from the bell tower at Inglesia de Merced.

Bike touring Nicaragua
A man finding shade with his bike.

Bike touring Nicaragua
Inside Inglesia de Merced on Semana Santa.

Bike touring Nicaragua
Typical snack of gallo pinto, fried cheese, slaw and a tortilla.

Bike touring Nicaragua
Hazy day from the cloud forest peak of Volcan Mombacho overlooking the islets of Lake Nicaragua formed by a crater collapse.

Bike touring Nicaragua

A man with his bike.

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