Mexican Haircut & Random Thoughts on Our Bike Tour in Mexico

A few days not riding in Oaxaca gave us some time to groom and reflect. Here are some thought about our bike tour in Mexico, so far…

On my last day in Taxco my dying laptop finally kicked the bucket and went from only not charging the battery to not working at all. Since then I have been a little slack in the photography department. After all I think this may have been a good thing as going through all the photos can be a distraction from actually seeing and experiencing your surroundings.

It has been a relaxing 3 days off of the bike since we got to Oaxaca on Christmas Eve. Oaxaca is like no other city we have been to so far in that it gets significant American tourists. It is good to see that not all Americans are scared of Mexico. You would have thought I was entering an actual World War battlefield based upon the comments and suggestions I received before embarking on this trip. So far I would say that we have been treated with amazing kindness and generosity. I will continue my personal policy of politely ignoring the advice offerings of those who have never stepped foot in a particular location.

Tomorrow we hit the road again as we start heading South and East towards the state of Chiapas. Depending on what we find along the path it will likely take a few weeks to get there based on my very general approximations.

A few general thoughts:

  1. I brought too many clothes and too much stuff in general I am always cussing about too much stuff. I have a shirt and shorts I ride in and a shirt and pants I wear otherwise….I don’t need much else other than a warmer long sleeve wool thing.
  2. Torta milanesas are the way to go for cheap eating. I had two today and spent 20 pesos….about $1.75.
  3. American tourists will barely look at you much less say hello. You will get Buenos(as) Dias/Tardes/Noches out of any Mexican.
  4. Mezcal and Mezcal drinks are delicious.
  5. Mexican Christmas is a festive community event but I don’t think they get so hung up on the commercial aspect of it as we do.
  6. Compared to Africa it is more difficult to find groceries and different types of food items. This surprised me.
  7. Today I received my 8th international haircut. I would have to put it as 1b to the 1a I received in Budapest. It rate it slightly ahead of Florence, Italy haircut.

Logan did a good job of covering our last week or so…. so here are a few additional photos in no particular order of time or significance.

Creek Crossing….Oops
Fixing yet another flat tire
Fixing yet another flat tire
Trying to force a smile
Trying to force a smile after a long day.
Jesus of Taxco
Jesus of Taxco
A nice grassy place to camp.
Spring fed river
A figurative Garden of Eden after our longest day of riding to date.
Christmas in Oaxaca
Christmas Day in Oaxaca City.



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