(not) Cycling the TranSardinia (Video)

Created as a companion piece to the two-part video report we recently published from her ride across Sardinia, “(not) Cycling the TranSardinia” is a short video from Belén Castelló that fills in the gaps by focusing on the many moments spent off the bike during her 10-day journey with friends. Watch it here…

Words, photos, and film by Belén Castelló (@belletoscan)

My short film, (not) Cycling the TranSardinia, tells a story about a friendship. Tristan and I got to know Sam and Bec through our book project, 50 Ways to Cycle the World. The connection was immediate, and for months we kept on chatting and video calling, playing around with the idea of eventually de-virtualizing each other one day!

  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia

As Tristan and I were headed to Sardinia—the last spot of our extended summer tour—and they were in for a bootcamp session after a long break from the bike, we agreed to take on the TranSardinia mountain bike trail together. After some months of planning, we met in Olbia and immediately headed off on a 10-day bikepacking adventure, which brought all kinds of unexpected events and tested out our adaptability. We started improvising, teaming up to battle the setbacks, and soon stopped focusing on rigorously sticking to the route and instead centered on valuing the experience together.

  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia

We all got to know each other pretty well through the deep conversations and flowing jokes that easily arise on these kinds of concentrated, self-powered escapes. The film portrays the spirit of this journey and showcases the strengthening of a friendship. Wouldn’t you agree that a bike tour is a great way to truly get to know someone?

Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
  • Belen Castello, Transardinia
Belen Castello

About Belen Castello

Belén Castelló is an adventure cyclist and route designer from Spain, and co-author of “Bike Life” and “50 Ways to Cycle the World.” She teams up with Tristan Bogaard and is the data-driven guide behind all of their self-made rides. She’s dedicated to getting more people into bicycle travel through her digital and physical content as well as guided rides. Find her videos on YouTube and her photos on Instagram.

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