Pedaling Nowhere turns 1,000

… miles that is, and other useless stats. Plus photos…

Yesterday, crossing Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve we turned 1,000 miles on the ODO. Here are a few other useless stats that we have under our belt for the trip:

  • Total ascent (climbing): 50,630 ft
  • Biggest climbing day: 4,250 ft
  • Days riding: 30
  • Days not riding: 31
  • Total hours riding: 110
  • Days on a bus (cheating): 2
  • Longest day: 64.7 miles
  • Shortest day: 5.6 miles
  • Top speed: 36.4 mph
  • Tortillas eaten (approx.): 541
  • Emotional breakdowns: 3 1/2
  • Falls: 18 (10 were yesterday)
  • Flat tires: 11
  • Most flats in a day: 3 (me)
  • Highest altitude: 8,590 ft
  • Haircuts: 2
  • Cases of turista: 3

Mas photos:

Travel photo ceviche
The best ceviche I’ve had so far (in Tulum).

Travel photo - tacos
Some wonderful seafood tacos from the same place.

Bike touring - Surly Troll
Mike riding in the jungle on the Sian Ka’an peninsula.

Bike touring - Surly Troll
A remote beach on the way to Punta Allen.

Travel photo - coconuts
Slaughtering some coconuts on the road (these were tough to get out of the tree, but worth the effort).

Travel photo - bike touring
Gin getting ‘attacked’ by some local canines.

Travel photo

travel photo

Travel photo - bike touring
Making pancakes.

Travel photo - bike touring
Sour pus when they heard it was going to be raining.

Travel photo - bike touring
On the boat crossing the Cuzan flats to Sian Ka’an.

Travel photo - bike touring - Surly Trolls
Unloading the bikes to go into the Sian Ka’an jungle.

Surly Troll - bike touring
The beginning of Sian Ka’an wetlands.

Bike touring Sian Ka'an
Sian Ka’an all day long!!.

Bike touring Sian Ka'an

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