Happy IPA Day: Burial Scythe Rye IPA (Post-Training Beer)

Happy IPA Day with a Burial Scythe Rye IPA. What kind of training regimen would be complete without a rehabilitating libation, in the form of a tall-boy?

Happy National IPA Day!

Post-ride Beer Burial Scythe IPA
Perhaps the most metal cans, ever.

Recently I’ve been busy with some manual-labor-work-related-stuff, so since June, big rides haven’t been a regular occurrence. However, next week I’ll be setting out on a week long solo bikepack somewhere deep in the Appalachians, so a little training was in order. After a nice 16 mile ride on a local trail I cracked open my recovery beverage of choice.

Post-ride Beer Burial Scythe IPA
The other side of the can, still metal.

This was my first canned Scythe IPA from one of my favorite breweries, Burial Beer Co., whom we paid a visit whilst on the Appalachian Beer Trail last year. Burial has changed a bit since then. They started with a small one barrel pilot system with which they crafted over 200 batches from 6/13 to 11/14. Nowadays, they brew a bit more beer. Their taproom, in Asheville, NC, is home to 10 barrel brewhouse that cranks out some of the best beers on the east coast. They also began packaging 16oz cans of Skillet Donut Stout, Scythe Rye IPA, Shadowclock Pils, Haysaw Saison and Bolo Coconut Brown Ale. All of these beers are incredible. And the fact that they now come in cans is fantastic news for us cyclists.

Post-ride Beer Burial Scythe IPA
From Burial: The Scythe is an aggressive harvest tool with a dynamic history, the scythe is traditionally used for harvesting crops. But it was adopted by the lower class as an implement of death during times of war and protest. Our Rye India Pale Ale also has a dual nature with the nose of your traditional IPA and the incredible malt complexity of your European pale ale. We use a healthy dose of malted Rye and Belgian Crystal malts while Summit and Chinook hops add that delicious hop flavor and the exclusive addition of Mosaic in the whirlpool and dry hop adds a profoundly unique blueberry and pineapple aroma.
Post-ride Beer Burial Scythe IPA
No report on color or lacing… It was drained straight from the can, wrapped in my favorite cold retaining device.

I couldn’t agree more with the above sentiment from Burial. The Scythe is an incredible IPA on par with a few of the best I’ve had, and better than most. It’s crisp mineral rye character is quite refreshing, and like other Burial beers, is perfectly balanced. I can honestly say that it’s my new favorite beer in the southeast.

Unfortunately Burial cans can only be found at these limited establishments, but I would recommend you to do everything in your power to get your hands on one.



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