Post-ride Beer: Evil Twin Double Feature

Two totally different brews from Denmark brewery, Evil Twin.

A couple of months ago the wife and I had just enjoyed what seemed like 37 courses of remarkably fine food at a ridiculously fancy restaurant for a monumental milestone in our marriage. We deserved it. So after that exquisite meal, I asked the assistant to the sommelier if they had a good beer they could recommend as an after dinner treat. She suggested the Evil Twin Biscotti Break and I didn’t argue. It was truly one of the best and most layered stouts I have ever sipped, and I’ve been craving it ever since.

Post-ride Beer: Evil Twin Biscotti Break

I recently found a bottle of the Biscotti Break Imperial Stout at Tasty in Raleigh and quickly snatched it up, as if someone else was going to bowl me over and grab it from the shelf right front of my face. I saved it for a post-ride treat and dug in after a nice pedal through some scenic farmland roads.

Post-ride Beer: Evil Twin Biscotti Break

The Biscotti Break pours deep black, and is dank and thick with a creamy leathery carbonation. It has an aroma of tobacco and coffee with deep chocolate undertones. The flavor starts out slightly sweet with hints of fig and dark cherry followed by a heavy bitter wave of coffee, and almost a hint of black licorice. I was as blown away as I was that special evening after that fantastic meal. I have always liked a good stout, but this one takes the cake with layers of flavor, and a very pleasing and lingering bitter finish. It’s not cheap, but if you run a cross a bottle, check it out.

Justin Blåbær

Hmm, this was interesting. I had seen a couple of decent reviews and I was curious, so I thought I’d give it a try. I mean, look at that label. I am not a big sour beer guy, but this brew had enough uniqueness to keep my palette occupied and interested. It pours cloudy amber, with almost a hint of pink. Smells sour, like cider, vinegar and fruits. The taste is lively with a tart current of blueberries and floral hints. It’s puckering sour with heavy and bubbly carbonation. I was pleasantly surprised as it was a warm day and Justin Blåbær was kind of refreshing.

Post-ride Beer: Evil Twin Justin Blåbær Post-ride Beer: Evil Twin Justin Blåbær



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