Post-test-ride Beer

I finally finished transforming an old lugged steel Craiglist turd into a sweet light-touring/randonuerring bike. On the maiden voyage she rode like a dream and here’s how I celebrated…

I am not going to get into too many details about the bike, yet. That’s coming soon as I am waiting on a new Titanico saddle and a couple other odds and ends before she is completely show-worthy. It was a fun renovation even though there were several bumps along the way.

To give her a proper trial, I rode a solid 25 mile loop around some local backroads and farmland. And to celebrate, I broke a bottle of IPA over the frame. No, not really, but I did enjoy a bourbon barrel aged People’s Porter from Foothills Brewery. I had tried the People’s Porter in the past, but they have since started doing the ‘BBL’ variation which is very nice, I must say. The bomber pours a nice dark and rich caramel with a solid finger of deep tan head. It has an aroma of woodsy bourbon with chocolate and toasty fruit. A nice carbonation typical of a porter greets a toffee malt and bourbon flavor that is followed by a warming toasty and bitter finish. This is one of the finer bourbon barreled brews I have had. It’s not too overwhelming and gives it a nice character. Certainly not a session beer, but very drinkable and a nice post-ride treat.

It’s Friday. Stop reading this, go ride your bike and then have one of these. You’ll feel better about your week.

Post-ride Beer People's Porter - Velocity Atlas Rims
People’s Porter next to my new Atlas Rims from Velocity.
Post-ride Beer People's Porter
Foothills Brewing out of my home town, Winston-Salem, NC, makes a few solid beers.
Post-ride Beer People's Porter

Poured in my favorite glass.
Post-ride Beer People's Porter
Nice toffee, caramel tones.
Velo-Orange Pass Hunter Rack
A spy shot of the beaut. Complete with a Velo-Orange Pass Hunter rack.
Randonneuring bike
No, that’s not Carolina Blue, damnit.
Velocity Atlas
Shiny Velocity hub.
Post-ride Beer Seeing Double
Tried their Seeing Double IPA as well. Good stuff.



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