Ryan Duzer, John, and Mira Ride The Grand Dirt Tour (videos)

Our friend Ryan Van Duzer recently met up with dogpacking duo John and Mira for a six-day ride on the San José del Pacifico Grand Dirt Tour route down in Oaxaca, Mexico. Along the way, he made this six-part video series documenting their trip. Watch it here…

Day 1

In this episode, Ryan enjoys the last bits of Navidad in Mexico, eats some Chapulines (grasshoppers), and then head out into the Oaxaca valley on the San José Pacifico Grand Dirt Tour.

Day 2

In this episode, the trio wakes up in an Agave field and head up into the mountains.

Day 3

In this episode, we wake make out way up into the cloud forests and finish the day in mushroom town, San José Del Pacifico.

Day 4

In this episode, Ryan, John, and Mira ride into the cloud forests, drink the pure from springs, and eat tons of good food.

Day 5

In this episode, the team rides down from the cloud forests into the much hotter Oaxaca Valley.

Day 6

In the final day of their trip, ride further into the heat, eat some yummy tortas, dip our heads in a cattle trough, and find a beautiful campsite with a view.

Find more on the route below followed by a few useful, relevant links…

San Jose del Pacifico Grand Dirt Tour

San José del Pacífico Grand Dirt Tour

From rural terracerías to forested two-track, from to tlayuda pit stops to mushroom foraging, the San José del Pacífico Grand Dirt Tour in Oaxaca has a little of everything this remarkable state has to offer. And, because it begins and ends in Oaxaca de Juaréz, the state’s capital and a beautiful mountain city that’s a destination in its own right. Find the full San José del Pacífico Grand Dirt Tour route guide here.

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