Tour de Tahoe

A short film about a bikepacking and fly fishing along the Tahoe Rim Trail in the Sierra Mountains…

Photos by Margus Riga with permission by FreeHub Magazine

All these guys wanted to do was catch fish and ride bikes. They did a lot of the latter and not too much of the former. Meanwhile, a drivetrain explosion, a wreck, and fifteen stitches kept them on their toes. Despite these hiccups, the group kept morale high during a three-day, sixty mile bikepacking and fly fishing trip along the Tahoe Rim Trail. The pace was slow and the fish were non-existent, but the good times and scenery were plentiful. Watch the film and scroll down to learn more…

  • Tour de Tahoe, Bikepacking the Tahoe Rim Trail
  • Tour de Tahoe, Bikepacking the Tahoe Rim Trail

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About the route

The Tahoe Rim Trail is a 165-mile long-distance hiking trail that forms a loop along the Lake Tahoe Basin in the Sierra Nevada and Carson ranges of California and Nevada. Last year, Cass Gilbert and Andy Forron created the 187 mile (301km) Tahoe Twirl by stitch several stretches of the Tahoe Rim Trail to create a bikepacking route around Lake Tahoe. Beginning in Reno, the Twirl blends burly desert jeep roads with classic Tahoe singletrack. Add mellow bikepaths, remote forest roads, fantastic camping real estate, and an abundance of swimming spots… and you have yourself a wonderful introduction to this beautiful area. View the route here and see a few of Cass’ photos below.

Tahoe Twirl, Bikepacking Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe Twirl, bikepacking Lake Tahoe
  • Tahoe Twirl, Bikepacking Lake Tahoe



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