The Bikepacking Journal Issue 05

Fall 2020

We mailed the fifth issue of The Bikepacking Journal to our members around the world back in November, and the upcoming sixth issue is just around the corner! Take a look inside our beautiful biannually printed publication here, along with details on how you can join our Bikepacking Collective so you never miss another issue…

Our fifth issue of The Bikepacking Journal was mailed to our Bikepacking Collective members in late 2020. Issue 05 is a bit different from the others before it in that the pandemic left an unmistakable mark throughout its pages. Although we still gathered perspectives from four continents, many of our contributors’ orbits were smaller than they would be in better times. And, given that, we think even they were somewhat surprised by the thoughts and themes that came out when they returned home and put pen to paper.

With The Bikepacking Journal 05, we were thrilled to present new stories and photos from a handful of people we’ve long admired, as well as a few fresh voices and first-time writers of whom we’re incredibly proud and excited about highlighting. Some shared about the joy and grief they were processing during the most tumultuous year many of us can remember. Others looked back through their archives to relive and reexamine trips that won’t be possible again for the foreseeable future. Taken together, we think this collection marks another small step toward our goal of publishing a truly broad range of voices and subjects in print.

As a thank you to our members for supporting our work, we also included a sheet of seven high-quality die-cut stickers as this issue’s members-only perk. If you’re not yet a member of the Bikepacking Collective, get signed up before the April 17th deadline and you’ll never miss another issue of The Bikepacking Journal again (along with lots of other great benefits).

Stories in Issue 05

A Week in 39 Hours

Lael’s Ruta Chingaza FKT by Lael Wilcox and Rue Kaladyte

The Alpamayo Disaster

An accident in the Andes by Nathan North and Kyle Hughes

Baldy Bruised

Escaping the city by Michael Zhao and Conan Thai

Barabara Mbaya

Lost in Translation by Heather Plewes and Paulo LaBerge

Chosen Family

Making time for connection by Jalen Bazile and Adam Pawlikiewicz


Discovering a bikepacker’s paradise by Sabina Knezevic and Robin Patijn


An ancestral journey by Alexandera Houchin and Sean Hipkin


Looking closer to home by Josh Meissner

Softening Up

Lessons from the Desert by Sophie DeGroot and Dan Stranahan


Across the big empty by Molly Hurford and Chris Burkard

Peer Pressure

A series of unfortunate events by Brady Lawrence

The Bikepacking Journal is reader supported, with additional funding for this issue provided by:
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The Bikepacking Journal is reader supported, with additional funding for the current issue provided by:
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