Markus Stitz

Fearless and Unique

Bikepacking Routes Ambassador

Markus possibly holds the unbeaten world record of cycling home unsupported on a singlespeed bike for Christmas (three times in the last five years), and commuting 42 miles to or from work by bike.

On top of that, Markus loves Edinburgh, and has spent many days exploring Scotland on two wheels, off and on the roads. Before moving to Scotland in 2009 he cycled across New Zealand, and explored the middle of Germany extensively on two wheels.

Marketing professional by day, he spends most of his evenings sorting through photographs and publishing them. His work has appeared in Singletrack, Scotland Outdoors, Spoke and other publications. Markus is the creator of the Capital Trail, a new bikepacking loop around the Scottish Capital, and blathers about all things cycling in his blog (