Rigs of the 2022 Badlands

The 2022 Badlands event kicks off in southern Spain this weekend and follows some of the most remote and challenging terrain in Europe. We’ve gathered rig details for more than 90 riders who are planning to take on the 750-kilometer route from Granada, Spain. Dig into them all here…

Now on its third edition, Badlands is an unsupported gravel challenge on the edge of Europe. The 750-kilometer route follows some of the most remote terrain in Southern Spain, passing through iconic spots including the Gorafe Desert, Tabernas Desert, Cabo de Gata Natural Park, and Veleta Pass. For 2022, there are nearly 200 solo riders and 40 pairs registered for the grand depart, which takes off from Granada at 8 a.m. this Sunday. With help from the organizers and participants, we’ve amassed detailed on more than 90 race rigs, including bike, bags, and gear highlights for each. Dig into them below and then head over to the 2022 Badlands event page to follow along live.

Aday Palmero Acosta

Age 43 / Tenerife (Canary Islands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Open UP with Campagnolo Ekar, 38T ring and 11-42T cassette, Hed Emporia GA Pro wheels with Pirelli Cinturato M 40mm tires.
BAGS: Full set of Cordel Cycling bags, saddle bag 12L, custom frame and top tube bag, and mini durum in the handlebar.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Jersey and Culotte from Tan Line.

Raoul Eyamba-Ajebo

Age 45 / Paris (France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Genesis Croix de Fer 30. I’ve been riding this bike for two years now. It’s not the lightest bike for Badlands, but it is incredibly strong and handles great. Shimano 105 with hydraulic disc brakes, GRX drivetrain. 2×11 with 50/34T x 11-42T. The front wheel is Duke racing wheel (French brand) with a SON dynamo 28. Rear wheel Hunt 4 seasons. René Herse Endurance tires (700 x 42mm).
BAGS: Restrap saddle bag, Apidura top tube bag, Copra food bag (French Brand).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Supernova E3 pro 2 front light, Supernova E3 trail light 2, and a Fenix HM65 R-T head light, Hammerhead Karoo 2 for navigation.

Michaud-Soret Antonin

Age 35 / Parc national des Cévennes (South of France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: 2019 Specialized Chisel, DT Swiss wheels with Novatec hubs. 2×10 full Shimano XT drivetrain. RockShox Judy fork 100mm fork. Spirgrips. Suprabeam B6R Light (lasts 23 hours and very powerful). Hutchinson Skeleton 2.15″ tires.
BAGS: A mix between a set of Helmut first generation (which already raced three TCR events) and an Apidura handlebar bag up front.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Without any hesitation, the Helmut bags, which are built to last as they raced the TCR three times and many other road and MTB adventures. I’ve also brazed an Inox rig to support the Caradice mount system at the back for MTB use.

Javier Cantos Bardisa

Age 43 / Alicante (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Megamo West custom. Extras by Specialized Sworks. Carbon handlebar and seatpost. Saddle SW power. Wheels Progress GR40 and SRAM Force AXS 1×12. Pathfinder 42mm tires.
BAGS: Mix of brands, including Topeak, Restrap and Specialized.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Powered by SRAM Force AXS with an X01 derailleur, 10/50T cassette, and 38T ring. It’s perfect for about 99% of the routes I ride.

Ulrich “Uba” Bartholmoes

Age 36 / Munich (Germany) and Girona (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m racing on a BMC URS01—a custom build 2022 setup with Lightweight Pfadfinder EVO Rims powered by Rotor Inspider Aldhu Carbon Crank with Powermeter and 38T / 52-10T SRAM RED eTap AXS / Eagle groupset. Everything runs on ceramic bearings by Kogel—the bottom bracket as well as the wheels. For this race, I will go with some Hutchinson Touareg 40mm tubeless tires. To light up the night I swear on Supernova Lights. Without luggage, my bike weighs less than 7kg—great for the climbs!
BAGS: I use a minimalistic and also super lightweight Apidura Racing Series kit for my luggage with clothes by Velocio in the saddle bag, food, and spares in the top tube and frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The bike and the setup for the race are a great work of art. My focus is on the lowest possible weight, good durability, and above all else, reliability. All components, from the Kogel ceramic bearing to the Hutchinson tires, have been tested for many thousands of kilometers and will for sure serve me well.

Christine Bartmuss

Age 54 / Ulm (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I will ride the Badlands on a 2021 Kona Rove AL 700. The drivetrain is a modified Rival 1. It features a Ratio wide 12-speed ratchet and a Gabaruk Cage with a 11-50T Sunrace cassette. Cranks are 170mm with a 38T chainring and a powermeter by Stages on the left arm. Wheels are 700c with WTB Riddler tubed setup. Brakes are mechanical disk with 160mm rotors.
BAGS: Apidura racing series Saddlebag 7L, top tube bag 1L, and frame bag of 4L. Maybe the handlebar bag as well, not yet decided. Additionally, I will have a Camelback with 2.5L of fluid.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Bialetti Espresso maker and gas stove. Life just doesn’t work without coffee.

Roland Bartmuss

Age 53 / Ulm (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I will ride the Badlands on a 2013 Salsa Vaya. It feature a 1×11 drivetrain with a Rival long cage derailleur and a Sunrace 11-46T cassette with a 38T chainring. Cranks are Rival 172.5mm with a Stages powermeter on the left. Hydraulic disk brakes with 160mm rotors front and rear. Wheels are 700c AL Rims and Maxxis Rambler 40mm Tyres with a tubeless setup.
BAGS: Mixture of Apidura long top tube bag, Revelate Designs frame and saddle bag. Two bottle cages and an Evoc hydration backpack for water.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Umbrella (as Sean Connery states as Indy’s father in Indiana Jones III, “never travel without an umbrella”) for shade.

Davide Belfiore

Age 39 / Milano (Italy)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: IUTER X Cinelli limited edition: King Zydeco “cc/ci”. Campagnolo Ekar groupset 1x (40) – 13ss (9-42). The new Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon 2WF with custom graphics. The Columbus Futura cross fork displays a double rake, SSM Shorfit saddle, Cinelli Carbon Neos bar, Pirelli Cinturato GRAVEL M 40mm tires, High Tech BCA performance 160 brakes.
BAGS: Apidura Frame pack 2L, Saddle pack 6L, and Top Tube pack 1L.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Exposure Light SixPack.

Berta Beran

Age 41 / Mallorca (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: After a lot of thought, I have decided to bring my Specialized Epic Pro, yes….that’s right! A full-suspension MTB. I know, it might not be the right dress for that kind of party, however it is the bike I have and I think I can still enjoy the adventure and the experience, which is the most important thing for me. I know it might penalize me in some sections but in others it will help me. I am sure we will have lots of fun together as we always do.
BAGS: When preparing the bags for my bike, I have a very important handicap to consider, my bike is size XS, plus it is an MTB with suspension,so I don’t have a lot of places to fit the bags—no space in the frame and not enough space in the saddle either as it touches the wheel. I’m using a Restrap 7L Race Saddle Bag, Topeak front loader, a Lezyne small frame bag, a Woho X-touring Almighty 1L handle bag on the right and another one on the left from Topeak. I will also be wearing a USWE Airbone 3L backpack with a 2L bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I have changed the original MTB tyres for a Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Hard Terrain Classic 700 x 45mm, which I actually love to ride with.

Benny a.k.a. Ben Bolt

Age 39 / Hamburg (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Bergamont model year 22 Grandurance Elite. I kicked out the stock dropper post to save some weight, upgraded to an oval chainring with less teeth (38 instead of 42) and switched to a wider Syncros drop bar. Additionally, I have replaced the original wheelset with one from Classified to increase the range and decrease the steps between gears. I am riding 45mm Schwalbe G-One R tires. I wish they were also available in 50mm—I would buy them. It’s the first time I am running tubeless—I hope I won’t regret it during the race. I’ll bring some Schwalbe Aertothan as spare tubes, as they are super small and leightweight. I’m planning on riding Badlands, not racing. I want to take in as much of the stunning landscapes as possible! And I bet it’ll still be a tough challenge.
BAGS: I am going to run a mix of bags. Small Ortlieb seat pack, in German “Arschrakete” (“ass rocket”). Additionally, the Apidura Racing Long Tube Pack above the top tube and below the Backcountry Full Frame Pack which fits almost perfectly into the 54cm sized bike frame. The handlebar roll is from my friend Timo whose label is called Benu Bags. Additionally, I have two simple and cheap food pouches and a Syncros tool can. For water, I am going to use a Camelbak vest with 1.5L, another 1.5L bladder in the full frame bag from Apidura, and two 0.8L Fidlock bottles on the fork, making a total of 4.6L.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A gear highlight could be the smallest available Opinel knife—it’s a N°02 only and super sharp and pointy. Also, I am bringing a little Blackroll ball for all those aches and tensions. As I am almost legally blind when it’s dark, a highlight and necessity at the same time is my Lupine Piko headlight so I can see best when descending. I am using the two batteries for it also as a powerbank. Other than that, I am debating whether to bring a small mosquito bivy for added comfort and peace when sleeping at night.

Jelmer Botje Broekstra

Age 33 / Waddinxveen (Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Focus Atlas, Scope O2 wheels, Panaracer Gravelking SK+ 50mm tires, Selle Italia SLR Gravel saddle, Dynamic Bike Care Lube. Restrap bags, Zipp Vuka Clip On TT bars, GRX 810 groupset, KMC gold chain, Tailfin cargo cage.
BAGS: TT BAR BAG: Styrk nutrition, MAAP bib, socks, and Draft Jacket. Reflecting Vest. Frame bag: Styrk nutrition, tools, Toilet stuff, Hand pump. Saddle bag: Stryrk nutrition, Silk Liner sleeping bag, Klymit mattress. Lezyne Road caddy: tools and spare tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A lot is secret.

Sebastian Breuer

Age 32 / Bensheim, Hessen (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Rose Backroad, Tailfin and Cyclite Bags, Acros Wheelset, Schwalbe Tires.
BAGS: Using a mix of Tailfin RnD Bags and Cyclite Frame and Toptube Bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This year I will use 45mm Schwalbe G-One RS Tires with tubeless setup.

Sarah Burns

Age 46 / East London (England)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Custom built Quirk Mamtor with SRAM Force, super short rotor 155mm cranks, Hunt 650b Adventure Sport wheels, and Continental Terra Trail 40mm tubeless tyres. Aerobars are mainly to provide more space to attached lights/computer. Everything on my bike is tiny but there’s still plenty’s of room to fit 2 x 950ml bottles in the frame. I’m sticking to what I know, which admittedly isn’t much.
BAGS: Bags are a mismatch of Apidura seat pack and food pouches, Wizard Works top tube bag, and a random dry bag strapped to aero bars with my bivy in. I’m also carrying a Camel Back vest with 1.5l capacity.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My silk eye mask is a must especially if I feel like a Siesta.

Jorge Cela

Age 36 / Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Trek Checkpoint, SRAM Apex (40 + 11/42T), Fulcrum wheels with Hutchinson Touareg 40mm tires. Hammer Karoo GPS, Front Light Sigma Sport Buster 700.
BAGS: Riverside Saddle Bag, frame bags from Bontrager, and Rockbros bag on the handlebar.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The integration of the Bontrager bags with the frame, adapted of the exact size of the frame and no need to use straps! A few bolts and zero problems!

Niels Tang Christensen

Age 38 / Ry (Denmark)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Canyon Grizl SLX with Shimano GRX Di2, 2x with 11-40T in the back. Standard DT Swiss wheels. The bags are Miss Grape, lights are a Lupine Piko with an extra battery and a mini rear light. Two Garmin GPS for redundancy.
BAGS: 7 liter saddle bag for bivy gear and some extra clothing, a 2 liter frame bag and a snack bag on the handlebars. Keeping it light.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My tiny inflatatable pillow in case I need a power nap.

Nils Correvon

Age 33 / Lausanne (Switzerland)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: BMC super fast gravel, SRAM mullet RED AXS/XO1 Eagle (40×10-52t), wheels: CYP Explorer 32 rims (25mm IW) with Tune hubs and Spokes (1375g, 32 spokes, including double rim tape and valves). Pirelli Cinturato M gravel tires.
BAGS: Half frame bag and small saddle bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Camelbak Chase Vest with new Fusion reservoir (2L), two insulated Camelbak Podium Chill bottles, and an extra soft flask for long stretches. AdictaLab cycling kit. No sleeping gear.

Gabriel Cramer

Age 29 / London (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Giant Advanced Revolt 2, in a nice dark sparkly purple. I added a Brooks Cambium saddle and some DT Swiss wheels. Half kitted out with Shimano GRX. Served me well in last year’s Nordic Gravel Series events in Finland.
BAGS: Ortleib Saddle bag, smallish Restrap frame bag, Miss Grape dry bag strapped to the front (this was one of a few solutions to avoid a bar bag pressing against the cables, which enter the frame right at the front, so limited shortening or re-angling possibilities).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: We’ll see how it all stands up to the rigours of Badlands! But the best “addition” to the bike was a proper fit at Condor. Their bike fitting team have been keeping my knees working for over 10 years now.

Kris Davidson

Age 47 / Richmond (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ve done ultra runs before but never an ultra cycle race, getting the call-up for this just three weeks ago. Diving into the fire pit with me is my Mason Bokeh 2 with Hunt 4 Season Gravel X-Wide 700c wheelset. For traction, I’m running Gravel King SK+ 43mm tubeless tyres and the drivetrain is Campag Ekar with a 38T chainring up front and the largest sprocket they do out back, a 44T. I’m going with aero bars for comfort not speed, a set of Profile Design Ergo 35A with 40mm risers. The night desert will be lit by a Lezyne Macro Drive 1300XXL and Strip Pro 300, with a Petzl Reactik+ head torch for extra lumens.
BAGS: For luggage I’m sporting a Tailfin aeropack and from Apidura’s Racing series, their 4L frame pack, 2.5L aerobar pack, and 1L top tube pack. So I don’t go thirsty, I’m wearing a Salomon ultra vest with capacity for 2.5L of water as well as 2L on the bike.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m not expecting much sleep, but when it happens I will seek comfort in my Nordisk Fever Ultra sleeping bag and Therm-a-Rest Uberlite mattress, if I have any puff left to inflate it! My luxury item is a Sea to Summit Aeros Premium pillow—vital to counteract the inevitable neck ache from the bike.

Felix Dellinger

Age 37 / Munich (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cannondale CAADX 2020, rebuilt with a mix of Shimano 105 and GRX810 (46/30T chainrings and a 42-11T cassette), HUNT Wheels, 40mm Pirelli Cinturato M tires, a headset and bottom bracket from Acros.
BAGS: Restrap handlebar bag, Ortlieb frame bag, Brooks saddlebag, and probably an Apidura top tube bag (not pictured).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Water bladder inside the frame Bag and big Nalgene bottle as I will not wear a hydration vest, the gear range of my drivetrain, and an engraved top cap from Acros!

Antonio Dieguez

Age 56 / Alicante (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Kona Jake the Snake 2016 with Shimano 105 groupset. 46/36T chainring and 11/42T cassette. 700 x 40mm Hutchinson Touareg front and Tufo Thundero rear. Ritchey Beacon handlebar and WTB saddle. Lezyne 1600 XXL light. I love my old Kona CX bike.
BAGS: Topeak frontloader, Geosmina seatpack 10L, Geosmina frame pack 3.5L, and an Apidura top tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sea to Summit bivy and pillow and Robens air mat.

Elliott Dixon

Age 28 / Morzine (France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’l be riding my Titus Goldrush for this years Badlands. I have a Hunt 4 season Wheelset and a pair of 43mm Gravel Kings to keep me rolling. Spank Vibrocore bars, Profile Aero Bars paired up with a redshift stem and grips for super comfort on the rough stuff. Sitting on a throne of plush with the Brooks C17 saddle and a Hope Carbon seat Post.
BAGS: Saddle, stem, and frame bags from Restrap, stem bags from AGU.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Using my bivvy, sleeping bag and mat from Alpkit—it’s super light and ready for a desert adventure. My bike highlight is probably my 11-50T GRX drivetrain hacked with a Sunrace cassette and a 38T Wolf Tooth chainring, perfect for lugging that extra water weight!

Sebastian Dollinger

Age 28 / Dresden, Saxony (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: SOUR Clueless JOKER, LEEZE CH40 Wheelset, SRAM GX AXS Mullet, 46-10/50T.
BAGS: Apidura frame bag and saddle bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Electrolytes and hydration pack on my back.

Tom Duncan

Age 46 / Cambridge (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Curve GXR Ti Kevin with paint by Guncontrol!
BAGS: Apidura Expedition Series and Curve Rocket Pooches.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Tried and tested rig running on 650b Curve Dirt Hoops and Mezcal 2.25″ tyres.

Christian Dürre

Age 37 / Magdeburg (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Slightly modified Specialized Diverge with SWAT storage option inside the downtube. Changed the handlebar to Zipp Service Course XPLR and switched to 42mm Pathfinder Pro. Tubeless, of course. Also added Profile Design aerobars, Exposure Toro frontlight and three bottle cages.
BAGS: Tried hard to match all the bags in brand and style but was never really satisfied, so I have chosen a potpourri of Ortlieb (saddle), Restrap Race (Frame), Restrap (top tube) and an Apidura hydration vest with 2l bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My tire matching rubber straps on the aero bars as well as my USB charging setup for my Exposure Toro, which Exposure says cannot be charged via USB.

Yoann Dycke

Age 32 / Haute Normandie (France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Chiru Vagus Ti, built up in December 2021, with Shimano GRX810 groupset (48/31T chainring & 11-36T cassette), Brooks B17 saddle, Thomson stem and seatpost, Ritchey handlebar, DT Swiss wheels with 43mm Panaracer Gravelking (tubeless for obvious reasons), with SON front hub connected to a Sinewave Revolution converter for charging my phone, Wahoo GPS, a powerbank, and all the lights (Ravemen PR1600 in the front, Lezyne and Knog for the back, plus one little light on the helmet).
BAGS: Full Restrap (saddle, top tube, frame, and aero bars), and a Woho food pouch.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleeping stuff in the aero bars bag, warm clothes in the back, food in the food pouch and the frame bag, also electronics and spares, essentials in the top tube bag.

Johan Erlandsson

Age 53 / Norway (Oslo)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Ghost Fireroadrage 2019 frame, Lauf grit SL fork, Drivetrain: GRX 2×11 w 10/42T SRAM cassette and 28/42T rotor chainrings, SON deluxe front hub for power on a lightbicycle rim. Rear hub: DT350 straightpull with a WTB carbon rim. Tubeless with orange seal sealant, Continental Raceking 2.2″ rear tire, Rene Herse Oracle ridge in the front.
BAGS: Apidura saddle bag, frame, and snack bags, Restrap little gear pouch in front of saddle.

Christophe Felix

Age 43 / Nivelles (Belgium)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Triban 520.
BAGS: Simple saddle bag.

Cynthia Frazier

Age 30 / Lexington, Virginia (USA)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be racing my copper 3T Exploro Ultra (named Terri Cotta) for the 2022 edition of Badlands. The bike is equipped with a SRAM eTap AXS Mullet build with a 38T chainring and 10-52T cassette. I’m running HUNT 35 Carbon Gravel X-WIDE Wheels with Schwalbe G-ONE RS tires, 45mm front, 40mm rear. I opted for an external battery over a dynamo wheel to save weight and power. I have a 25oz Bivo bottle, two 22oz bottles, and a 1.5L Apidura Frame Pack Hydration Bladder that puts me at 3.5L of water on the bike.
BAGS: I’ll be running a full Apidura Racing setup with the 7L Racing Saddle Pack carrying a lightweight down jacket, a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad, extra Velocio Luxe bibs, socks, sports bra, and Tailwind drink mix. My 4L Racing Frame Pack has the 1.5L Hydration Bladder, tools, spares, and a first aid kit. The 1L Racing Bolt-On Top Tube Pack has the ultralight external battery Nitecore NB10000, all cables, euro plug with USB ports, BoBo’s oat bars and other assorted snacks, electrolyte + caffeine pills, and CBD cream for the hot foot woes. Bars and gummies will be stored in the Apidura 1.2L Plus Backcountry Food Pouch. Lastly, I have the cheeky little 7L Packable Musette Bag that sneaks in behind my frame pack to carry all the snacks I lack room for in my bags and pockets after a resupply stop.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite items include the Apidura Packable Musette Bag for extra food + H2O after store stops and the Fenix HM65R light that lasts forever.

Nicola Girardi

Age 35 / Noale, Venice (Italy)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my beloved 3T Exploro RaceMax Blue/Brown. The bike features 1×13 Campagnolo Ekar drivetrain (10-44T) with a 38T chainring, Campagnolo Shamal 700C carbon wheels and a pair of Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 40mm tires. The setup include a 3T Aeroghiaia dropbar, Fizik saddle and Elite Prism bottle cages.
BAGS: Blue/Brown/Camo custom Arch frame bag and tank specific designed for my bike.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin 830 for navigation, Exposure front and helmet lights, Bontrager rear light, Camelback Chase bike vest and a huge amount of food and water will complete my setup.

David Molina Grande

Age 39 / Pozoblanco, Córdoba (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Badlands 2022 with a 2016 Ghost Lector 1 mountain bike, called Meli. The bike has many modifications: Crank Brothers Cobalt 1 wheels with Vittoria Terreno Dry 47 tires, a 11s 11-46 cassette and a 34T Oval Chainring, a Fox Fork with 120mm. On the handlebars, there are aero bars from Decathlon, SQLAB inner barends, and Ergon GS2 Grips.
BAGS: In the frame, there is an AGU Venture bag with 3L capacity (tools, power bank, cables, wind stopper, food). Two water bottles are attached on the down tube with a bottle cage duplicator. The small bottle on the seat tube is filled with tire repair tools. Under the down tube there is a Sea To Summit ultralight bag attached with straps with flip flops, a silk sleeping bag liner, a bivy bag, and a toiletry bag. On the seat post, there is a sleeping air mattress Forclaz 700 from Decathlon, attached with straps with his own cover. A little snack bag it’s attached also in the handlebar.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will wear a Salomon Vest with two 500ml Soft Flasks and a 2L Camelback. A Garmin 1040 for navigation on the handlebar. Also, my phone with Quadlock mount will be on the handlebar to search for directions, play some music, etc. Main light will be a Lezyne 1200 XL. I’ll use also a headlamp on the helmet.

Joost Gremmen

Age 49 / Hilversum (The Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: The Flaanimal 5.0 from Rodeo Labs with a SRAM mix & match groupset (SRAM Red22 shifters and front derailleur, Quarq 50x34T powermeter, GX 10-speed rear derailleur and SRAM PG1130 11-42T cassette), 2.4″ Maxxis Ardent tubeless tires on a FFWD Outlaw AM 650B wheelset & RideFarr Gravel Aero handlebar.
BAGS: The saddle, frame, top tube & feed bag are from the AGU Venture line. On the front fork I use BBB racks in combination with 2L Ocean Pack dry bags, and a 7L Ortlieb dry bag with voile straps serves as handlebar bag, next to a 3L CamelChops handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Ride Farr handlebar offers plenty positions for my hands, electronics and attaching stuff in combination with dry bags and straps. I’ll use a hydration vest of 3L together with 3 water bottles to deal with the heat. When necessary I could carry two 1.5L extra bottles. Dehydration was an issue last year. Two Anker PowerCore 26800MAh power banks should be enough the recharge my electronics and lights. Bivvy bag, sleeping bag and mat will keep me cozy during the night. I might skip the sleeping bag.

Michael Grünert

Age 55 / Herne (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Oldie but goldie, a 2012 Felt NINE Team with an, in the meantime, outdated 3×10 drivetrain. I guess I’ll be the only one who is riding something like this. Because I am an old man I would never give up my granny gear with a small 20T chain ring in the front. The whole drivetrain gives me enough bandwidth for steep climbs and some buffer where bigger gears in flat terrain or on descents are needed. For tires I rely on a 2.2″ MAXXIS ICON at the rear and a 2.35″ MAXXIS Ardent Race at the front. Both are running tubeless with an extra portion of sealent. Wheels are a pair of lightweight American Classic rims with a SON Dynamo hub at the front. Front light is a SON Edelux II.
BAGS: A Wildcat Gear frame bag along with a Revelate saddle bag for my sleeping kit, Gas Tank top tube bag and a Jerrycan, all from Revelate.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The SON Dynamo powers an APPCON 3000 charger that has a small power bank included. That provides enough power to charge my mobile phone, head lamp and the Garmin Edge 1040. In power safe mode the Garmin has a battery lifetime from more than 80 hours (self-tested) when it is full loaded. If I am fast enough it won’t be even necessary to load the device. My sleeping kit includes a Tyvek floor sheet, a Therm-a-Rest Neon Air pad and a Sea to Summit Spark SP0 sleeping bag. Because I don’t like too much weight on my bike I am carrying a backpack so I have enough space for water and other stuff.

Luca Hahn

Age 26 / Berlin (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Focus Raven 2011, ST Swiss wheels with Schwalbe Racing Ray/Ralph 26×2.25″, Shimano XT 3×9 and Magura Mt Trail 180/160 brakes.
BAGS: A not colorful colorful mixture.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Definitely SQlab Innerbarends! Dynamo hub with Busch & Müller Lights and Profile Design aerobar.

Christopher Hall

Age 32 / Peak District (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: This year I will be riding (not racing) Badlands on my Cervélo Aspero 5 that I also used last year. The bike features a new pair of 2.0″ Schwalbe G-One Bite tires which are on a set of Parcours Alta 650b wheels (which have a SON hub on the front). The drivetrain is a mix of Shimano GRX Di2 and XTR Di2. I have fitted a 36T chainring on the GRX Crankset and an 11-50T cassette which works well on the XTR Di2 rear mech with the Goatlink 11 installed. The clip on bars are from my mates over at Aerocoach. Their stuff can often be seen in the world tour but they are also incredibly comfortable due to the ergonomic shape. Saddle is the Pro Stealth Off Road version which has a bit more padding. I’m using various lights, the dynamo ones from K-Lite and some battery powered ones from Exposure and Cateye. I’m using a Garmin 1040 for navigation which has their handy solar function to charge in the baking heat and a set of Rally pedals. Last year water was always the big concern. I think I have upped the amount I can carry over last year with about 2.25L of Styrkr bottles and a hydration vest which carries 1.5L.
BAGS: ALL of my bags come from Tailfin. They have produced the awesome looking top tube and frame bag plus a solution to mount one of the V-Mount bags on the front. The one on the downtube is their 1.7L V-Mount bag which will mainly be used for tools and spares. The bags attach using their straps that they have designed. I then have the AeroPack on the rear which contains a first aid kit and lightweight sleeping setup.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I really do think this is the coolest bikepacking setup I have ever had. The tailfin bags are absolutely exceptional. I’ll be wearing kit from my mates at Attacus Cycling. They make the most comfy bibs I’ve ever used. Helmet will be a Lazer Genesis and Sungod providing the sunnies.

Tom Hall

Age 41 / Brighton (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Riding my well loved Mason Bokeh, it’s been road bike, MTB and everything else, proper versatile. Fitted with 650b Hunt Dynamo wheelset with 50mm Pirelli rubber, well tested Apidura bags set up,Crank Tank 3l water tank and as I plan to be nocturnal to escape the heat, KLite dynamo light and Exposure Torro lights on one of those little bar extender noggins. Have gone a bit heavier on food and water capacity and much lighter on sleep kit and spare clothes (don’t give me a hug at the end).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Water is key for badlands so the Adventure Hydration Crank Tank 3 seems like a good idea and a top tube pack full of Styrkr SLT hydration sachets.
Love a dynamo set up and KLite charging box cuts down on the need for hotel stops.

Robert van Halm

Age 55 / Badhoevedorp (The Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a matte black (and almost brand new) steel Bombtrack Hook EXT. The bike features a 40T chainring, an 11-speed 11-42T SRAM cassette, and 650bx2.0″ tires.
BAGS: My saddle, top tube, and frame bag are all from the AGU Venture series. My handlebar bag is from Rhinowalk.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Gravel riding is new to me, therefore the majority of the equipment is standard ex-works. I did however switch to tubeless tires, especially because lightweight plastic inner tubes were not available in the right size. The 13L saddle bag was replaced last minute for a smaller one because the bigger bag appeared to rub against the bag back of my legs. For the necessary power I use the Minix Neo P1 charger and 2 Aukey pn-n83 power banks. For my own energy I primarily use a lot of oatmeal.

Steven Hatley

Age 49 / Os, Vestland (Norway)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I will riding the Badlands on my Niner RLT Steel (Reynolds 853!) built up with an SRAM Rival/Force 1x drivetrain (38×11/42), DT Swiss GR 1600 wheels and running 650b x 45mm Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M tires. I’ll sitting on a Brooks Cambium seat and holding onto Salsa Cowbell bars.
BAGS: A selection of Revelate Designs, some of which I probably ordered direct from Alaska back in the day.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite gear will be the things I use most and the thing I hope to use least. I’ll spend the whole ride sweating in Rapha Core Cargo bibs and a Brevet Lightweight Jersey. I like them because together they go to eleven. Pockets, that is. They could have made ten, larger, but these go to eleven. And then there is the Blackburn Big Switch Ratchet Multi-Tool, which I hope will not be used unless it is merely to change brake pads or disable overhead lighting fixtures (yes this is a private joke).

Sam Haywood

Age 30 / Amsterdam (Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: A mostly stock Cannondale Topstone Carbon 2. The tyres are Panaracer Gravelking SK+. I have a 11-34T cassette and 46/30T rings in the front.
BAGS: Full Brooks bag set because they’re rock solid, waterproof, and look super smart. I’ve got an Apidura 3L water bladder for the frame bag with drinking tube secured on the handlebars. It gives me the water capacity for desert riding and fits neatly on the bike. All of my electronics are in the top tube bag including battery pack linked to my Karoo Hammerhead and phone. Bivvy, airbed and liner are in the handlebar bag and clothes are in the saddle bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lezyne Hecto 500XL front light, Knog Plug rear and a Gloworm X2 headtorch will keep me riding at night. Wrapped Decathlon tribars give me another position to rest my arms when needed. The Alpkit Hunka bivvy and Sea to Summit airbed will hopefully let me sleep wherever we choose.

Bill van Heijgen

Age 55 / Haarlem (Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: The bike is a Bombtrack Hook EXT. Strong and comfortable steel frame. Switched the chainring to a 36T oval from AbsoluteBlack in combination with the standard SRAM 11-speed cassette. Gearing is on the small side, which will hopefully be convenient on the steeper and tougher parts of the route. I also switched to tubeless Schwalbe G-one Ultrabite tires. Shout out to the people at Django bike shop in Haarlem for the advice and fixing everything at such short notice!
BAGS: The bags are a mixture of brands but frame bag (5.5L) and saddle bag (max 10L) are from AGU Venture Vintage. I like the colors and it fits like it was made for the bike. Top tube bag is a bolt-on from Apidura (1L) and at the front end I’ve packed my sleeping gear in a Brooks Scape bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’ve placed a small sticker on the stem to remind me to look up, not down, and enjoy the view and the ride from beginning to end.

Pablo Herrero

Age 34 / Barcelona (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a full italian rig, the new Basso Palta 2 (2022), equipped with a Campagnolo Ekar with a 38T in the front and a 10-44T in the back. The wheels are the trustworthy Campagnolo Shamal Carbon with the Pirelli Cinturato gravel M 700x40m tyres.
BAGS: I’ll be using a mix of brands: an Apidura bolt-on top tube bag to have easy access to the phone and snacks. A Miss Grape Internode 6 to store more food and the batteries with the rest of stuff that needs easy access, and a Woho x-touring saddle bag M with an anti sway, to prevent the bag from bouncing when standing up. Also it allows me to carry two extra water bottles if needed.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m expecting to sleep outside so I’m carrying a high capacity battery and a Decathlon air mattress and pillow, no sleeping bag, just a sleeping bag liner to keep the whole set up as light as possible. I’ll be also carrying a 2L water bag.

Jon Olav Holmen

Age 41 / Kristiansand (Norway)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I´ll be riding Badlands on a 2022 Canyon Grizl CF SLX 8 with di2. The crankset is 48/31T and the rear derailleur I rebuilt to fit a 11-40T cassette. The bike is set up with a pair of Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Mixed Terrain Classic 700x45mm tires.
BAGS: I have 3 Apidura bags: frame (4L), saddle (7L) and top tube (1L). I will also carry a Apidura hydration vest (2L).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A Sol Escape Bivvy Bag with a inner silk liner and a Klymit air mat will be used for sleeping along the road. For navigation I will be using a Garmin Edge 1030.

Stuart Hughes

Age 48 / Trollhättan (Sweden)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my All-City Gorilla Monsoon with 700c wheels. 2×9 drivetrain with Shimano XT/SLX components and Dura-Ace bar-end shifters. 24-36T chainrings and 11-36T cassette. Wheels are Hope Pro 4 hubs with DT Swiss XM 421 rims and a fresh pair of Pirelli Cinturato M 700x45c tyres—this is my second set of these tyres and I’ve found them to be 100% reliable so far. Brooks C17 carved All-Weather saddle, Avid BB7 brakes with SRAM levers, Zipp XPLR 70 handlebar, 3 bottle cages (with a camelback this totals around 4L water capacity).
BAGS: Revelate Designs Tangle framebag for tools, spares and electronics—powerbanks, cables etc. Restrap Race saddlebag for sleeping setup and clothes (I’ll be running a fairly minimalist sleeping setup—Alpkit sleeping mat, inflatable pillow and survival bivy). Alpkit top-tube bag for snacks. I’ll also have a Salomon hydration backpack with an insulated water bladder and room for at least 6 donuts.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Wahoo Roam GPS—reliable and very decent battery life.

Sophie Jail

Age 31 / Ceret (France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cinelli King Zydeco with a Campagnolo Ekar groupset and Fulcrum Rapid Red Carbon wheelset. Riding Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H 45mm tires.
BAGS: I am going full racing Apidura bags with a 7L saddlebag, a 1L top tube bag, and a 4L frame bag. None of them are mine, so I would like to take the opportunity to thank all my friends who lent them to me. Two food pouches from my friend Alexandre Marpaux, directly imported from Alsace.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Fitting 4L of water in a small frame (without using a bladder) is a certain challenge. So I am very proud of my homemade bottle cage holder constructed from duct tape and Rilsan collars.

Stefan Klausen

Age 30 / Stuttgart (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Just a Rose Backroad AL 2020 with 1×11 Shimano GRX Drivetrain and DT Swiss GR1600 wheels. For the Formula 1 vibes on track I’ll using Pirelli tires.
BAGS: By Fo Goods customized Ortlieb handelbar Bag, Ortlieb Frame Bag, Ortlieb Seatbag and an Apidura top tupe bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My joker in the dessert are the two can cages mounted to the fork by @teamdosenbier. Smaller gears are powered by Garbaruk.

Karl Krabbenhöft

Age 32 / Berlin (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Rose Bikes Backroad.
BAGS: All Ortlieb everything.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: SQ Labs 60X Infinergy, fat Schwalbe Overland rubber, Fidlock bottles, Wahoo, 52cm Ritchey bars.

Robert Krügel

Age 40 / Dresden, Saxony (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Mason Bokeh V1 – my old lady – Very happy for several years with the setup of Beast Components GR25 wheels, Beast Components Gravel handlebar, Rene Herse Juniper Ridge 650b tires, SRAM 1 by 11 drivetrain, Oval chainring, SRAM brakes, Ergon saddle, Supernova light, MissGrape bags, Salsa, Revelate Designs bag mix.
BAGS: Salsa frame bag, Revelate Designs gas tank, PEdALED saddle bag, top tube bag, and handlebar roll.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sudocrem & good mp3 playlist for motivation.

Adrien Liechti

Age 37 / Geneva (Switzerland)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding BADLANDS on my SALSA Cutthroat (yes the one that was lost before the Tour Divide!) with a SHIMANO GRX/XT groupset, homemade custom wheels (DT XM481 rims, DT 240 and SON Dynamo hubs, 32 spokes), MICHELIN Power Gravel 47mm tires, SINEWAVE Beacon light, INFINITY saddle, REDSHIFT Shockstop stem.
BAGS: A mix of Revelate Designs and Apidura bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My clothes are a full kit CAFE DU CYCLISTE from the AUDAX series. My water capacity for this race is 4.6L (2 x 0.8L bottles and a 3L bladder). For navigation I’ll use a Garmin eTrex 30 and an Edge 830.

Claudio Lima

Age 42 / London (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Bombtrack Hook EXT-C 2021 frameset, HUNT 35 Carbon Gravel X-Wide wheelset, Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 45mm tyres (comfort is speed!), GRX 1x groupset 40×11-46 with Sunrace cassette and Garbaruk cage + pulley wheels.
BAGS: Restrap LOOK Race Saddle Bag 4.5L, Apidura Race Frame Bag 4L, 2x BBB Cycling Pouch Bag, and Camelbak Chase Bike Vest Hydration Pack with 1.5L bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Garmin 1040 for navigation (70h battery life is a game changer for longer rides!), Garmin 530 as backup, Apidura bottle cage adaptor to allow larger bottles with the frame bag, and Shokz OpenRun headphones (to play Eye of the Tiger over the steep climbs!)

Markus Linz

Age 30 / Saarbruecken (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: For Badlands I’m using my Fara F/AR with Shimano Ultegra 2×11, 50/34T in the front and a 11-36T cassette. For comfort I’ve got a carbon seatpost and a carbon handlebar from Easton. The bike runs on Maxxis Rambler 700x38mm mounted tubeless on Black Inc Thirty wheels. For the night I’m using several Cateye-lights and a Garmin headlamp. It’s actually an all-road bike, but can fit wide enough tires and the geometry is pretty perfect for me.
BAGS: Mostly Ortlieb on the handelbar (for clothes and sleeping kit), the seatpost (food) and in the frame (electronics). For snacks I’ve got a Profile Design top tube bag and a Topeak box on the downtube for tools. I carry a hydration pack with 2.5 l on my back.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m really happy with my Garmin Edge 1030. With the additional battery pack it lasts very long. I also love the ortlieb bags, in which I carry much food, a mammut bivy and a little bit of clothing.

Mark Lippert

Age 50 / Porta Westfalica (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: For comfort reasons, I’m going to use my Salsa Fargo ti with a mix of Shimano XT and GRX parts. Tires are Schwalbe 2.25“ G-Ones on Bontrager carbon wheels. I hope that my 11-42T cassette with a 34T chainring will be enough for the climbs.
BAGS: A well proven Ortlieb 11L seat-pack, a Road Runner Burrito handlebar bag and a custom frame-bag. To carry my water, I will use a hydration pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The custom frame bag made by my mother—it is much thinner than what you can get on the market and therefore don’t annoy my knees while pedalling.

Belkaious Lucie

Age 35 / Parc national des Cévennes (South of France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Chinese carbon copy of a Specialized Epic S-Works (2017). 1×10 full Shimano XT. Suntour Xxxion 100mm with lockout on the handlebar, Spirgrips, Suprabeam B6r (last 23h and very powerful) lights, Hutchinson Skeleton 2.15″ tires. The bike alone weighs 9.5kg with flat pedals (and no bags of course).
BAGS: There are a variety of Rosefield bags. The handlebar roll is attached directly to the bars using two Voile straps.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Suprabeam B6r light (last 23h and very powerful) paired with a headlamp, the Suprabeam v4pro. The perfect setup to ride some long hours during the night!

Andreas Luginbuehl

Age 63 / Goldau, Schwyz (Switzerland)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a BMC URS 01 One with a SON hub dynamo / SON Edellux II front light, with SRAM RED / XG / e-Tap components. 12-speed drivetrain, WTB Raddler 40mm tires, tubeless, could be changed to tubes (Tubolito) in case of issues. For comfort I replaced the original seat post with a cranked one. Also for comfort (additional position, not mainly for aerodynamics) I added aerobar Vuka Clip with Vuka Alumina Evo110 Extension (with 50mm Clip Riser Kit).
BAGS: Apidura Racing Long Top Tube Pack 2L, Apidura Racing Frame Pack 2.4L, Apidura Racing Saddle Pack 7L + VAUDE Lightweight backpack 12L. For liquids I use a Cranktank 3: (with a neoprene cover to keep the water as cool as possible) and a 0.8: bidon downtube. So total 23.4L bag volume and 3.8L liquid volume.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Navigation and power with Garmin 1040 SOLAR (should really be efficient in the desert), Garmin Battery Pack, Fresh’N Rebel Powerbank 6000 mAh. For the night I’ll use a helm lamp LUPINE Piko R7. For Sleeping but only if I cannot find a guesthouse / hotel: ORTOVOX-Bivy Ultralight sleeping bag. The bike with empty bags is about 4kg heavier than my normal road bike (BMC Teammachine), on top I expect about 6kg baggage and up to 4kg liquids (Water/ISO), so in total 10-14kg more than short & easy cycling on the road. Motto: Better last finisher than first DNF. Enjoy the landscape & adventure, finish in time but ignore the rank.

Duncan Luke

Age 33 / Cape Town (South Africa)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Ribble CGR SL frame. GRX Di2 2×11 (50/34 and 34/11). 4iiii precision 3 power metre (Ultegra). WTB 47c tyres on 650b South Industries wheels (29mm inner width). Redshift shockstop suspension stem, with 20mm of travel, which helps make the Supersonic Ergo+ 45/25 aero bars more comfortable for longer rides. Profile Design aerobridge computer mount for the Garmin edge 830. Four water bottle cages. Exposure light SixPack MK3.
BAGS: Apidura top tube race bag for on the bike essentials: sunscreen, lip balm, power bank, food, lube and tracker. Apidura expedition top tube bag (4.5L) for the comforts: jacket, gloves, shoe covers, additional tools and all the things which I won’t need. Small Profile Design Water Bottle Storage Bidon for Bivvy bag. EVOC Saddle bag: spare tube, chain breaker, magic link, CO2 cartridge, valve tool and spare core
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Hair ties for my water bottles (the gravel back home is rough and water bottles often go flying out their cages).

Francisco J. Marco

Age 43 / Alqueries (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Built by me, for this Badlands I wanted comfort, gears for steep climbs, and lightness. I have an Open Mold carbon frame. For comfort I will use WTB Venture 700x50mm tires on Fulcrum Rapid Red 5 wheels and a Canyon S14 seatpost. The drivetrain consists of a 10-50T / 38T SRAM GX Eagle and Red levers, with Ratio Kit.
BAGS: Lightweight Woho and Sahoo bags, Vivi Decathlon bag. Magicshine rn900 lights with 11h of battery life and a Garmin eTrex Touch 35 with lithium batteries with quick charge.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Four 700ml bottles and a 500ml soft flask for the heat.

Albrecht Mariz

Age 35 / Berlin (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I will be riding the Badlands on my Veloheld IconX Ti with a GRX/Garbaruk/Sunrace/Alugear 11-50T / 38T mullet (aka Vokuhila) drivetrain. I’m rolling on DT Swiss 531 GR rims with a Continental RaceKing 700x50mm up front and Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 700x45mm rear. I will “relax” on PRO aerobars with a 70mm riser.
BAGS: Ortlieb saddlebag, Apidura frame bag, Acepac snacks/cola bags and a Tailfin in the downtube for spares and tools.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lights: Supernova front and rear lights powered by a SONdelux dynamo. For the trails, Lunivo Sirius 1000 on the bars and Petzl Actik Core headlamp (both with spare batteries). I’m using an Anker powerbank with 26800 mAh. Night ride is on. Sleeping setup: Inertia X Frame mat and Pillow X (luxury item) from Klymit, the Hunka XL bivvy from Alpkit and a Decathlon down jacket. Water capacity of 3.3L in 4 bottles. I can carry a lot more bottles in the bags, when needed. Garmin 830 for navigation and mobile as backup.

Sean Martin

Age 43 / Los Angeles, California (USA)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cervelo Aspero. All Easton Cycling everything (E90 Seatpost, Stem, Bars, Wheels, Cranks (*last minute swap from GRX to E90 – not in picture), Shimano Di2 for groupset (38 x 11/42), Power Saddle, WTB Nanos.
BAGS: Postcarry Co Handlebar bag with minimal sleep system (Alvin & I don’t plan on sleeping too much), Ortlieb Seat-pack & Cockpit-pack, God & Famous bottle caddy, awesome custom frame (water/ food) pack from Postcarry Co, not pictured—Camel pack for hydration & food.
EVOC Saddle bag: spare tube, chain breaker, magic link, CO2 cartridge, valve tool and spare core.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Besides the sick gear, we’re just gonna send it til we can’t anymore!

Valeriano Martinez

Age 41 / Gijon, Asturias (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: MMR X-tour 2019, with my Yksion all road XL tyres. I will use a 1×11 drivetrain with 36T XX1 and 11-42T cassette.
BAGS: I will use my three favourite Apidura bags: one for the back with my clothes and sleep gear, another in the frame for the essential nutrition, and finally the front one on the handlebar for the most accessible needs.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will comfortably sleep when I need to with my Black Diamond bivy, and to remember the incredible days I will use my Insta 360 One x2.

Sam Maunder

Age 28 / Edinburgh, Scotland (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cervelo Aspero with Easton build. It has a 1x GRX810 drivetrain, 40T chainring and 11-42T cassette. Easton wheelset with 42mm Pathfinders.
BAGS: I have been using Apidura bags for a number of years and they’ve been bomb proof (although I think my rear is on the way out after several years use). The picture below was my setup for the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan, I have travelled directly to Granada from this trip! I’ll reduce my kit significantly for Badlands.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I am hoping to travel light with only a bivy, mat, and down jacket for sleeping. I will also carry my trail running rucksack with a bladder for additional water, more food, and quick access items.

Finley Newmark

Age 21 / London, England (United Kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Focus Atlas, HUNT 35mm wheels, Shimano GRX drivetrain, Wahoo element bolt, Pirelli tyres, Easton finishing kit.
BAGS: Tailfin Aeropack Carbon, Tailfin R&D frame bag, Tailfin R&D TT bag, TARKA ride beyond Handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Stykr Nutrition, Exposure Lights + dynamo, Reflective stickers, Dynamic Bike Care.

James Noble

Age 38 / Calella, Barcelona (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Custom painted, Kinesis AT. I’m lucky enough to be a SRAM ambassador, Eagle AXS 10/50T cassette, 38T ring. Zipp 303 650b’s, so I can fit 50mm Pirelli’s. Zipp finishing kit.
BAGS: A mix of Duobags and Lezyne. Saddle bag with sleep equipment / spare clothes. Top tube full of food and battery pack. Food bag and bar bag also full of food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Hammerhead head unit, super clear navigation. Toothbrush and wet wipes, nothing better for moral than clean teeth and a clean b#m!

Roger Nodeland

Age 48 / Kristiansand (Norway)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Argon18 Dark Matter with a mix of Ultegra and GRX Di2. 2×11 drivetrain with 34/46 chainrings and 11/42 cassette. Mavic Crossmax Pro 27.5” carbon wheels with Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 50mm tyres and tubeless setup. Profile Design Sonic Ergo 45/25A aerobars with risers and Pro Stealth saddle.
BAGS: Apidura Racing series. The Aero pack in front contains my sleeping system; a Sol Escape bivvy, a Klymit Inertia X Frame sleeping pad, a silk sheet bag, a pillow, a spaceblancket (as ground sheet) and a Rapha down jacket. The frame pack contains powerbanks, hygiene articles, Maurten drink mixes for the day and various accessories. The top tube pack will be used for handy essentials like sunscreen and some food on-the-go. The saddle pack contains Maurten drink mixes for the next days, some extra clothes, first aid kit and a spare tube. I also have a bottle on the bottom of the frame with tools and a spare tube. On my back I will wear a Camelbak 2,5l hydration backpack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Garmin Edge 1040 loaded with technology and the ultra light and compact sleeping system.

Javier Noguerol

Age 38 / Madrid (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: A The Draft Monster gravel prototype with custom geo. Reliable Columbus steel, huge wheelbase, 2.5″ clearance, road q-factor compatible. Equipped with a mechanical 11-speed Force disc groupset with Leonardi Capo cranks, 40T chainring, and 9-45T cassette. Rolf Prima Hyalite Wide carbon wheels with tubeless Maxxis Ikons. Enve Adventure fork. KS dropper post internally routed. Ritchey saddle and Bacon handlebar.
BAGS: Minimalist setup. Rapha bar bag with food inside and things hanging from the daisy chains, Apidura expedition frame pack with electronics and a plastic bottle with tools below. In addition, I carry a 6l Evoc hydration backpack where I also put the sleeping system.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I carry the sleeping system (mat, bivy bag, and thermolite liner) in my backpack because its the bulkiest but the lightest (less than 1kg). Heavy things (tools, batteries, electronics and food) are carried in framebags for a lower center of gravity. For Badlands I’ll take 4L of water.

Hans Are Ovanger

Age 59 / Tromsø (Norway)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: OPEN U.P, SRAM Rival AXS 46/33T, 10/36T 12-speed, SRAM DUB quart wattkrank, Zipp 303S with Zipp G40 wheels, Fizik Terra Argo X1 saddle.
BAGS: Apidura Full Frame pack 7.5L, Saddle pack 14L, Down Tube pack 1.2L, Handle Bar pack 9L, Racing Top Tube pack 1L, Racing Hydration Vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Lupine Betty for eventual night ride.

Richard Parry

Age 50 / London

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cannondale Topstone Ultegra RX, 46-34T. Zipp 303s wheels with 40mm Pinelli Cinturato Gravel M tyres. Tailfin (Borrowed of riding partner #237), Wahoo element.
BAGS: Apidura bar bags and Restrap frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 2x power packs and Tailfin rack.

Taylor Phinney

Age 32 / Girona (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cinelli Nemo Gravel Custom size 66.6, Fulcrum Rapid Red 3 650B wheels, SRAM GX Eagle.
BAGS: Custom 11L(!) frame bag from Tijmen at Wit Slingers along with 2×1.5L extra deep stem caddies and matching top tube electrical supply bag. Ron’s Bikes Fabio’s Fanny out front in waxed canvas for extra weight, style and textural pleasure.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Hyped on this ultra high rise Cinelli frame for my ultra huge almost 2m tall body. Tijmen really did some special work on the frame bags. Very happy to rock the Eagle for the steeps and the 650 chunk for the shred.

Bert van der Plas

Age 52 / Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: The bike is a Grand Canyon CF SLX, which also serves as my beach bike during the winter to join the popular beach races along the Dutch coast. With some small adjustments (smaller chainring and tires) it also serves as a comfortable bikepacking/gravel bike.
BAGS: Frame bag and saddlebag are from Blackburn. The frame bag also carries an additional 2L of water in a platypus bottle.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The handmade wheelset with Hope EVO Pro hubs and wide rims from Ryde, which provide additional comfort.

Enrique Martinez-Quintero

Age 31

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Orbea Terra set up with Shimano GRX and Progress carbon wheels.
BAGS: Geosmina top tube bag, Columbus frame bag.

Jona Riechmann

Age 35 / Rosenheim (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the New Bombtrack Hook EXT-C with a mixed Rival/Force 1×11 drivetrain 38T / 10-42T combined with a Ritchey VentureMax Bar, Seido Seatpost, Stem and Evo Saddle, plus Shimano XT SPD Pedals. WTB Nanos 700x40mm, tubeless. For navigation I use a Garmin Edge 530 and my phone as a backup. For charging devices I carry a 13000 mAh Anker Powerbank.
BAGS: I´m using a set of Ortlieb bags: Seat-Pack 11L, Framepack RC Top Tube, and the new Fuel Pack. I have water capacity for 4.5L split over three Bottles and an Evoc Hydro Pro 1.5L hydration pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I believe in oval chainrings for steep climbs, so I am using my 38T Absolute Black oval. I am also excited about my light setup with the combination of a Supernova Airstream Upside Down and a Stoots Opalo 2 Headlamp for riding at night.

Elias Reisner

Age 27 / Munich, Bavaria (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: For Badlands 2022, I’m using my gravel/road bike. It’s a custom steel SingleBe. Equipped with 2×11 GRX 600 groupset, 11-34T / 43-30T. The wheels are custom built mounted with tubeless Schwalbe G-One Bite Superground 45mm tires. Three 0.75L bottles mounted to the bike and two 0.95L bottles mounted to the fork.
BAGS: All Apidura expedition series plus a Camelbak hydration backpack with a 1.5L bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The bike really is the highlight for me. I love the geometry. It rolls perfectly on rougher terrain. Steel is real! Lupine Piko and 5.6L of water.

Julen Rozas

Age 29 / Between Bilbao (Basque Country) and Copenhagen (Denmark)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding a Scott Addict Gravel 30 from 2020. The bike is equipped with Shimano GRX 2x groupset (46/30T crankset and 11-34T cassette). I’ll be running tubeless with Hutchinson Touareg 40mm in the front and Hutchinson Overide 38mm in the rear.
BAGS: Mix of bags. Topeak saddle bag for the sleeping kit, Geosmina frame bag for the food, and Apidura Top Tube bag for the electronics.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will be using an Altus Bivy bag for sleeping.

Jesús Sánchez

Age 48 / Alcoy, Alicante (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: MEGAMO WEST, carbon ROVAL Terra tires, 42mm´Pathfinder Specialized tires, Specialized carbon handlebar, Specialized carbon seatpost, SRAM carbon cranks and wireless electronic shifting, Selle Italia Boost SLR saddle, Fizik Terra X5 shoes, Shimano XTR pedals.
BAGS: AGU bags in seat-pack, handerbar, tube frame and top tube.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Main light Lezyne 1300XXL & secondary light Cateye AMPP800.

J. Sancosmed

Age 36 / Galicia (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Marin Headlands, Rival- Force AXS, Zipp 303s wheels.
BAGS: Ges bags. Small handlebar bag and small frame bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Panzed gravel puncture system.

Hans Schinlauer

Age 42 / Magdeburg (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Schindelhauer custom set up for the event with carbon fork, Rohloff Speedhub 14-speed, SON front wheel dynamo hub and rear light set up with Supernova front light, René Herse 48mm Juniper Ridge tires, tubeless kit, Cinq Box and Cinq Plug 5 usb-c charger in steerer, Vision Trimax aerobars, Crankbrothers Candy 3 pedals.
BAGS: Restrap top tube bag and frame bag large, Ortlieb seat pack quick release 13L, 3 bottle cages.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Camelbak Chase bike vest with 1.5L bladder.

Gert Jan Schilder

Age 49 / Amstelveen (The Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding a Giant Revolt Advanced Custom, Shimano GRX 810 group with hydraulic disc brakes, 48-31 / 11-32. The drop bar has a 20-degree flare. For Badlands I’ve mounted a Redshift shockstop suspension stem. The rims: DT Swiss 531 GR with a SON 28 dynamo combined with a Sinewave Beacon front light (with USB hub). The tubeless tires mounted are Schwalbe G-One Bite 45mm.
BAGS: The 10L Revelate Spinelock Saddle Bag stores my complete sleeping system and spare clothes. An Apidura Top Tube bag for the most relevant stuff to grab while on the bike. The Giant Frame bag contains spare parts and food. The handlebar bag is a small Lead Out bag for small materials.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Sinewave Beacon front light (with USB hub) gives me the flexibility to operate self-reliant free from mandatory re-charging in hotels. My sleeping system consists of a bivvy, a liner and a Sea To Summit ultra-light sleeping mat. Lightweight and easy to set up.

Johannes Schneider

Age 41 / Munich, Bavaria (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll ride my Canyon Inflite CF SLX. For Badlands I mounted a 1×12 SRAM Eagle X01 groupset, a 38T chainring, and a 10-52T cassette. I will use Reynolds wheels fitted with tubeless Schwalbe G-One Bite tires. Personally, I would like to go with 45mm wide tires, but I can only fit 40mm in the back. During the night, I rely on Supernova Airstream in the front and Lupine Rotlicht Max for the rear.
BAGS: I use the Apidura 7L Racing Saddle Bag for clothing and sleeping, the Apidura 1L Racing Top Tube Bag for food on-the-go and a Dyed in the Wool Custom Frame Pack for extra food, hygiene essentials, and electronics. After attempting the Badlands route in 2021 with a bigger and heavier configuration, I’m confident my current setup provides enough space for this adventure.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My two favourites are a lightweight bivvy bag that is made with mesh to keep biting midges away and DMR pedals with 3d printed bumpers (shoutout to my mate Martin) that match my shoes for extra support.

Robin Scholz

Age 32 / Munich (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding the Badlands with my trusty first gravel bike, a Cannondale Caadx SE from 2019, rebuilt with a mix of SRAM components (10-44T cassette, 36T chainring), a Cérvelo seatpost, a Selle Italia SLR Superflow Boost saddle, Zipp stem and handlebars, DT Swiss wheels, 40mm Pirelli Cinturato M tires and a headset from Acros.
BAGS: Wayward Louise Dropper Post Harness, Cordel Saddle Box, Ortlieb frame bag, Gramm Handlebar Roll and probably an Apidura top tube bag (not pictured).
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 4L water bladder inside the handlebar roll and an engraved top cap from Acros!

Sandra Schuberth

Age 34 / Munich (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my heavily upgrades pink beauty, a 2017 Veloheld icon.x. My SRAM Force 1 drivetrain is equipped with a 38T chainring and a 11-42T cassette, no aerobars (could not decide which ones to buy). I chose 40mm Schwalbe G-One RS tires, they roll fast and still offer a lot of grip.
BAGS: Like my setup for Seven Serpents, I will use my full frame bag from Gramm Tourpacking with an 1.5L hydration bladder from Apidura. My toptube bag is also made by Gramm Tourpacking and my seatpack is by Miss Grape. I will also carry a hydration vest with 1.5L of water capacity.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Garmin Edge 1040 solar is a highlight for me (I am currently testing it).

Anne Schulze

Age 34 / Leipzig (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: It’s a custom-built steel GravelPLUS bike with a flat bar manufactured by Dlouhy Cycles. It was built in my hometown and is uniquely named “Phoenix”. I run with 27.5x54mm Schwalbe Rocket Ron TR tires which give me comfort, lots of fun, and peace of mind on all the rough surfaces. My drivetrain is a 1×12 Shimano SLX with 10-51T cassette in the rear. It comes with the first official Dlouhy Cycles steel fork and has lots of mounting options. Perfect for bikepacking and pretty much everything else. The firebird stops with Hope Tech3 brakes and buzzes with shiny silver Hope hubs.
BAGS: I’m using lots of Revelate Designs bags: 11L Sweetroll in the front for all the sleeping stuff (only sleeping bag and mattress plus some warm clothes), a top tube bag for a camera, and the Terrapin 8L seat bag for some spare clothes, medical supplies, and repair kit. Actually, I wouldn’t need the extra room on the bike for equipment but the bag is ultra-light and doesn’t move around so you don’t even notice it and maybe I’ll be happy later when I have extra space for food and my rolling candy store. Let’s see what happens. The frame bag is the Restrap Adventure Race bag filled with food, electronics, and hydration will be taken care of by a Camelbak Vest loaded with a 2L bladder.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My custom bike! Its made to shred dust and fly through the heat. But also my Hope Tech R2 Light supplied with a 6 cell battery (thank you Josch)! This battery is by far the heaviest part I will carry around, but it will guide me through the desert at night.

Cem Sonmez

Age 29 / Liège (Belgium)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: My bike is a Chiru Chilkoot, a titanium frame with 40mm tyres, the Hutchinson Touareg. The gearing is road oriented with a 50/34T at the front and 11/36T at the back. I’ll bring two battery lights: Olight RN1500 with a 30,000 mAh battery. I also added aero bars for more comfort.
BAGS: A Blackburn framebag allowing a water bottle in the frame, and a Restrap saddle bag with all the kit not needed while riding: sleeping bag, clothing, etc.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A 1l soft bottle will be necessary in the remote areas and a water bottle inserted between the aero bars thanks to plastic bands!

Matthew Sowter

Age 45 / London (United kingdom)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Saffron Custom steel, Columbus HSS,Zona,Life with paragon machine works dropouts, Integrated seat post clamp, Internal disc routing, T47. Columbus Futura gravel fork. The frame is designed to ride as close to a road bike as possible. I am 6foot 1 and I like a tasty bit of toe overlap. Components: Ingid cranks, Chris king BB, Shimano ultegra and XT di2, South industries hoops on DTswiss hubs, Cannonball teravail 42mm, Pro tharsis carbon seat post, 3T ergo handlebar, SMP composit saddle.
BAGS: Restrap saddle bag, frame bag, and handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Exposure lights, Sea to Summit sleeping gear, and some spares.

Martijn van Strien

Age 34 / Tilburg (The Netherlands)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Focus Atlas ‘Badlands edition’, we custom-designed it to fit in well with the race :) Kitted out with SRAM Rival AXS, Easton cranks, seatpost & handlebars, DT-Swiss wheel, Son dynamo & front light. Bags are a mix of Apidura x Maap and our own Ride Beyond Crew x Tarka collab handlebar bag turned into a handy aerobar pack.
BAGS: My handlebar bag is stuffed with a gilet, snacks, painkillers and a multitool. Top tube bag houses electronics, so a powerbank connected to the dynamo hub, GoPro, Airpods & sunscreen. Frame bag is completely filled with Styrkr drink mix, elektrolytes & caffeine to take me through the hardest hours on the bike & Dynamic chain lube + tubeless sealant.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The real highlight is obviously the custom design of this rig, we wanted to do something special for this epic race, so @botje and I worked on this design together and will hopefully do it justice in the race. Other than that, I’m convinced my 50mm American Classic Udden tires with inserts and the flask mounted to my fork will give me confidence in mid-night technical descents.

Cristiana Tamburini

Age 36 / Passirano, Brescia (Italy)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: 3t Exploro Racemax, Carbon ti X-Wheel GravelCarbon Disc 44 with Carbon Ti rotors 160mm, Pirelli Cinturato gravel M 40mm tyres, Carbon ti x-Singlecarbon 38T mounted on SRAM Rival powermeter crankset, SRAM XX1 AXS + SRAM x01 10-50T cassette. Fizik Terra X5 Saddle. Garmin 1030 plus GPS.
BAGS: Miss Grape Cluster 7 rear, Miss Grape Internode 4 for the frame, and Miss Grape Node 2 on top of the frame.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Olight 3500 RN front and Lezyne Strip Drive Pro at back.

Tom Taylor

Age 43 / Málaga, Andalucía (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Niner RLT RDO, five-star build from 2017. Tires are Maxxis Rambler 38mm. I’m trying to pack as light as possible, while bringing enough food and electrolytes for the first day or so. Other than that stuff, I have repair supplies, batteries and lights. It’s amazing how heavy that all gets. Oh, and some clothes for changing conditions. I’m bringing the capacity to carry up to 4.5L of fluid, too.
BAGS: Frame bags are Apidura, but I have a Woho stabilizer on the rear bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Favorite gear is probably my bike. We’ve been through a lot (four Unbound Gravels, an everesting, KM0 from Madrid to Finisterre last year, oh, and some epic crashes!). Second favorite is probably… tape. You can fix a lot of issues with electrical tape or duct tape. I finished one of my Unbound Gravel rides with tape and a stick holding my chain in place after I had to remove my broken derailleur!

Christian Thill

Age 52 / Hamburg (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Bergamont Grandurance Elite, equipped with Shimano GRX Groupset, modified with ZEAL CAMERIG 44 Disc Wheelset, Syncros Creston carbon fibre handlebar and SYNCROS DUNCAN carbon fibre Seatpost.
BAGS: Topeak Front, Top, Mid, and Backloader.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Schwalbe G-One RS 45/622 tires, Wolf Tooth 38T Chainring, Ergon SR Allroad Core Comp Saddle and Ergon BT Gravel Bar Tape, Lupine SL Nano AF/C14 MAG lighting with two 10 AH SmartCore batteries with USB TWO Adapter for recharging GPS and Smartphone devices.

Jose L Toro

Age 33 / Granada (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding Badlands this year on my trustful Boardman ADV 8.9 with Shimano GRX 46/30T in the front and 11/40T in the back. Hand-built bombproof wheels by the amazing @ryanbuildswheels in Bristol running WTB Riddlers 700x45c.
BAGS: Saddle bag, half-frame bag, top tube bag, snack bag and handlebar bag all from AGU. I’ll be also wearing a hydration vest with 2L bladder, 2×1/2L soft bottles and 2 bottles on the frame for a total of 4L of liquids.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Sleeping bag, air mat, emergency bivvy and some spare clothes. Navigation on Hammerhead Karoo 2. Luxury item will be a Sony compact digital camera and a second pair of bibs!

Hartmut Ulrich

Age 57 / Munich (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Modified 29er XC race mountainbike CUBE Elite C:68 X with SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS wireless groupset (10-52T), combined with 450mm dropbars and SRAM Red eTap Shifters + SRAM wireless Blips.
BAGS: Custom made full frame bag from GRAMM (mostly for the 3L hydration bladder and food), Topeak top tube bag. Downtube, rear top tube, and racing saddle packs from Apidura. Self-made front roll with Sea to Summit Drysack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Kind Shock Dropzone dropper post for more safety and comfort on downhill and technical sections. Smooth running tubeless tires 700x45mm Schwalbe G-One RS with Reserve Fillmore tubeless Valves. All components are pretty lightweight (except the 500g battery pack for Lupine Nano SL Lighting, recharging the WAHOO Elemnt Bolt 2 bike computer and the smartphone). The fully packed system weights under 15kgs (4.5L water capacity not included).

Moritz Ulrich

Age 30 / Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding my trusty Focus Atlas with GRX 46/30 chainrings in front and a XT 11-42 cassette in the back, slightly exceeding the official capabilities of this setup (working just fine). Wheels are DT Swiss HG1800 with Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M tyres. A Lupine Piko will illuminate the gravel in front and a Lupine Rotlicht will provide visibility from behind.
BAGS: The centrepiece is a Tailfin Aeropack providing a huge amount of space for all necessities. A small top-tube bag and a food pouch (both Apidura) plus an AGU handlebar bag provide easy-to-access storage for food and electronics. In addition to three bottle cages on the frame I’ll wear an Apidura hydration vest, allowing me to carry up to 4L (or: 4kg) of water in total.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Tailfin AeroPack with the alloy arch. In addition to the huge capacity in the bag, it has three additional mounting options for cages. One (in the back) is used to carry my tool roll to provide fast access when fixing defects. The other two are perfect to carry all kinds of things: From tent poles over soda bottles to baguettes.

Artur Vieira

Age 32 / Lisboa (Portugal)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Niner RLT9 Steel, 27.5”, dynamo lights.
BAGS: Ortlieb 16L saddle bag, Ortlieb handlebar bag, Shimano Pro top tube bag, wine Bottle cage.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Every single piece of this bike, from the frame to the tiniest screw, was selected and assembled by me.

Jeff Webb

Age 51 / Oslo (Norway)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Fara Cycling F/GR Signature Series with Fulcrum RapidRed Carbon wheels, SRAM AXS mash-up of parts, clip-on bars (for hand relief), Fizik 3D printed saddle, Pirelli Gravel M 45mm tires, Wahoo Roam.
BAGS: Fara Cycling Integrated bags, including some prototypes we are working on.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The highlight is definitely riding the bike that I was a part of developing, specifically for events like Badlands. The integrated bags attach directly to the frame and are easy to detach quickly, plus the stealthy internal storage in the downtube where I keep all my tools and spares. Kickstand not included!

Karl Weinhold

Age 31 / Girona, Catalunya (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: For Badlands I’m riding my Sour Clueless. The bike features a 1×11 SRAM Force drivetrain with a 42T chainring and Garbaruk 11-50T Cassette. DT Swiss Rim with Hop MTB Hub and Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M 40mm tyres. I’ve updated to a Hope 4+ front brake caliper to get much better braking performance. Lights are Lezyne Macro Drive 1000 up front and Lezyne Strip Drive at the rear. I’m using a Garmin Edge 830 for navigation.
BAGS: Saddle bag from Ortlieb to fit sleeping bag (Sea to Summit Spark I), sleeping mat, and some food. The frame bag is custom-made from Fable and holds approximately 5L. Restrap top tube bag and handlebar-roll from Benu Bags 4.5L. For water I’m riding with an Apidura Racing Hydration Vest.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Hope front brakes! It is a really big difference in braking performance especially if you are a heavy rider.

Luisa Werner

Age 27 / Grenoble (France)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: My bike is a Cinelli King Zydeco with Campagnolo Ekar 1×13 Groupset with a 38 chainring in front and a 10-44 cassette. I chose Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M tires in size 45mm and ride them tubeless. For more comfort, I have Aerobars from Decathlon.
BAGS: Cyclite Saddlebag, Cyclite Framebag, Cyclite Toptube Bag, Agu Snackbag. In addition (not on the photo), I am going to use a little backpack to carry more water if needed.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m taking a Therm-a-rest Neoair xLite sleeping pad and an emergency blanket with me.

Lael Wilcox

Age 36 / Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Specialized Crux: Rockhox Rudy, SRAM mullet 38T x 10-50T, Zipp 303 wheels-front built with SON dynamo hub for Sinewave Beacon, Rene Herse Oracle Ridge tires (700×48), Ergon saddle & handlebar tape.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Spinelock seatpack, 2x Mountain Feedbags, Mag-Tank 2000.

Gary Williams

Age 53 / Cadiar (Granada)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Sonda Camino AL with GRX groupset and HUNT wheels. WTB 50mm tires. Light & Motion lights with battery packs. 32×11-46T gearing.
BAGS: A mixture of Zefal, Geosmina, and Topeak.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 32T oval chainring and my inflatable pillow.

Cornelius Wolf

Age 34 / Rosenheim (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Cervelo Aspero / 1×11 Apex Drive Train 38T Oval Chainring 11-46T cassette, Schwalbe G One R 700x40mm tires, Fizik Argo Saddle, Salsa Cowbell Handlebar.
BAGS: Revelate Designs Pronghorn, Revelate Designs MagTank2000, Ortlieb Framepack Top Tube, Ortlieb Seat Pack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Stoots Opalo Headlamp, Wolftooth Morse Bottle Cage Titan, Oskar Kardamom Oatbars.

Robert Jan Wyszka

Age 37 / Hanover, Lower Saxony (Germany)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: CANYON Grizl CF SL 7 eTap set up as if it came from the factory, Teravail Cannonball 40mm tires, Aerobar from Profile Design.
BAGS: Top Tube Bag from Apidura x Canyon, Saddle Bag, Frame Bag and Handle Bar Aero Bag from CYCLITE, Bottles from Fidlock, Light System is the SIGMA Buster 2000.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: This will be the first time using all of this gear at once. The individual components have worked well on previous rides, let’s see how they perform at Badlands.

Miguel Zapata

Age 64 / Almería (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding the Badlands 2022 on an old Merida 26” (my son’s bike, thanks Miguel) with a 0.9 Carbon Frame and a new pair of Chaoyang Zippering 2.1″ tires and Shimano 3×10 drivetrain (11-36T). Comfort is key for this route. Three 1L bottles on the fork and down tube.
BAGS: A 10L saddle bag, two little top tube bags, and a pair of stem bags. I will also take a Deuter Ascender 7 Backpack (7L), very comfortable and ultra-lightweight backpack, using the collapsible poles storage to carry food. A Deuter Streamer 2L bladder in the backpack increases my water storage up to 5L.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: For the night, I will use a Sea to Summit Ultralight mat and a Bivy bag. My front light is an Armytek Elf C2 and I’m using a Led Lenser SEO 7R as a backup light. For navigation I´ll be running my robust and reliable Garmin Dakota 20.

Barry Tinnelly

Age 49 / Rostrevor, CoDown (Ireland)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: Scott Addict 20 with SRAM AXS Etap Group Set, Tyres are Schwalbe G-One Bite.
BAGS: Apidura seat post bag to hold spare parts, spare clothes and nutrition, top tube bag holds spare battery and food, and frame bag holds puncture repair parts, medical and food.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Exposure Sixpack front light and Exposure Diablo helmet light.


Age 48 / Girona (Spain)

2022 Badlands Rigs

BIKE: For my first attempt here at Badlands I’ll be on the new Assassin Frame from FiftyOne bikes from my hometown in Ireland, equipped with Shimano GRX Di2, 1x 36T front, 11-46T cassette, DT Swiss GRC1400, Rene Herse Hatcher Pass 48mm Slicks. Wahoo Element Roam, Vap butterfly front bars.
BAGS: Apidura 7L saddle bag, 2L top tube, 4L frame bag, Cordel Bar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Assassin has sick handling and I absolutely love riding on my Rene Herse slicks (even tough slicks have cost me races and places in the past and much to my friends disbelief everytime. hahah!)

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