Rigs of the 2024 Iditarod Trail Invitational

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The Iditarod Trail Invitational in Alaska is the world’s longest winter ultramarathon and possibly the most challenging experience we showcase each year. Find details on nearly 30 riders and rigs that are planning to tackle the 350 or 1,000-mile 2024 Iditarod Trail Invitational here…

The Iditarod Trail Invitational (ITI) is the world’s longest winter ultramarathon by fat bike, foot, and ski, and it follows the historic Iditarod Trail from Knik to Nome, Alaska. Participants brave extreme physical, environmental, and mental challenges, requiring self-sufficiency and considerable resilience to make it through up to 30 frozen days and nights.

Every year, riders gather to take on the 350 or 1,000-mile route. Their progress is ultimately determined by the unforgiving Alaskan weather, and the event tests even the most prepared and experienced athletes. Last year was our first time showcasing the rigs of the Iditarod Trail Invitational, and we’re excited to continue this new tradition for 2024. As you’ll see, the bike configurations, packing strategies, and gear needed for the ITI are all markedly different from the events we normally showcase. Ultralight sleeping bags are replaced with massive winter-rated bags and deep-cold survival gear, including stoves to melt snow. With help from the organizers, we’ve gathered details on more than 20 riders who signed up for this year’s event, complete with bike, bag, and gear details for each. The grand depart is this Sunday at 2 p.m., and you can follow their progress live here. Until then, let’s dig in to this year’s rigs.

Kevin Breitenbach

Age 41 / Fairbanks, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Corvus Magnus. SRAM XO 12-speed gripshift, Avid BB7 brakes because I’m old. Raceface Next SL cranks because I like to live dangerously. 28T chainring up front 10-52T in the back. 26″ 95mm Nextie hoops with DT swiss hubs (wait let me check the giant logo on the hoops…oh yep, they’re Nextie). 45NRTH 5″ Husker Dus. There’s just not a faster tire and I need all the fast I can get. Using an old set of Aero bars as a handlebar cradle and a place to mount Fog lights…does your bike have fog lights?
BAGS: Dogwood Designs pogies. Becker Design Framebag. It’s 10 years old and originally made for a Fatback Corvus prototype. It has zippers that will survive the apocalypse. I also have two small Becker bags for the downtube and seatpost. Revelate Designs Gas Tank bag and front harness bag. All Alaska gear, that’s sorta cool.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I will likely wear the following for the entirety of the race. 45NRTH Wolvhammer boots, Mammut Ultimate Hoody jacket, RBH vapor barrier jacket. Ibex hoody base layer. RBH VB socks. Removeable 4” wolf/wolverine fur ruff and a positive attitude.

Jeremy Fields

Age 53 / Longmont, Colorado (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be making my rookie attempt at the ITI 350 on my carbon Salsa Mukluk. It has the mostly stock Shimano XT drivetrain and SRAM hydraulic brakes. My key upgrades have been a 26T Absolute Black oval chainring and a custom wheelset built by Elevations Wheel Company using 95mm Nextie carbon rims and Hope hubs.
BAGS: My bags are mostly from Revelate Designs. I’m carrying a Pronghorn Drybag up front, with a Salsa Anything Cradle, and I’m using an Alternator Rack in the rear.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My favorite piece of kit is a custom bag by FBJ Creations that sits just behind the seatpost and utilizes the awkward space below the saddle and in front of the rack. It’s great for holding lots of snacks!

Tyson Flaharty

Age 38 / Fairbanks, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: 9: ZERO:7 Lynx V2. Husker Du tires on 95mm Nextie rims. Trek fork with rack. XTR drivetrain. Magura MT8 brakes. Old man mountain rear rack.
BAGS: Self-made front rack bag. Self-made frame bag. Self-made poagies. Revelate Designs feed bags, Mag-Tank 2000, Nano Panniers, down tube bag. Oveja Negra fork bags. Sea to summit dry bag.

Leah Gruhn

Age 44 / Duluth, Minnesota (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a carbon Salsa Mukluk with custom Cedaero bags, wheels built using Onyx hubs and Nextie rims, with studded Dillinger 5 tires.
BAGS: Cedaero made all of the bags on my bike. Cedaero is based in Two Harbors, MN; those fine folks make bags in the USA with US-made materials! I’ll be running with the Cedaero Custom Full Frame Pack, Love Handle Panniers, Custom Tank Top Bolt-on Pack, Custom Trek 1120 Handlebar Bag, and Fork Lift Pack
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Critical items to me for this race are my Wintergreen parka, 45Nrth Wolfgar boots, 45Nrth studed tires, and Momofuku Noodles.

Jason Hanson

Age 51 / Florence, Arizona (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Binary Gordita, SRAM Eagle drivetrain , 26T front chainring, HED BFD 100mm carbon wheels with fatty strippers, I/9 hubs, front tire is a Terrene Johnny 5 26 x 5″, studded rear tire Terrene Wazia 26 x 4.6″ studded.
BAGS: BikeBag Dude Frame bag, top tube, Jerry can, seat post bag, fork bags, feed bags, FBJ down tube bag, Mountain Laurel panniers, Mountain Laurel handlebar bag, Cedaero devil’s kettle XL pack, Revelate Designs Egress pocket handlebar bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I am super stoked about my FBJ down Tube bag and my Mountain Laurel panniers.

Jennifer Hanson

Age 57 / Florence, Arizona (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Binary Gordita with a SRAM Eagle drivetrain with a 26T front chainring, XX1 cranks. Whiskey 100mm carbon wheels with DTSwiss 350 hubs, 45NRTH Dillinger 5 26 x 4.8″ front and 26 x 4.6″ rear studded tires.
BAGS: BikeBag Dude frame bag and top tube bag, Revelate Designs pogies, Cedaero devil’s kettle XL pack, and Mountain Laurel Design panniers.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: -40 Mountain Hardware sleeping bag.

Amanda Harvey

Age 37 / Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’m riding an Otso Arctodus Ti with RaceFace carbon handlebars and seatpost. The drivetrain is 1 x 12 with a 30T chainring and wheels are 100mm Lithic Cryolite. The bike is topped off with a Terry Butterfly saddle given to me by my friend Luci.
BAGS: I have a mishmash of bike bags, a few made by Minneapolis makers, fork bags and a stem bag by Sturdy Bags and a munchie bag by Hoot Ventures. Frame bag by Rogue Panda, Sweet Roll and Mag Tank by Revelate Designs. And the ever important panniers made by Alpine Luddites.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m looking forward to spending a night out in my -40 degree F Marmot CWM. I also love my ruff from Boundary Fur and Sewing.

Clinton Hodges III

Age 42 / Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my Fatback Corvus FLT (currently known as the Corvus Akio) for my seventh start of the Iditarod Trail Invitational. I bounce back and forth between 26 x 4.8″ Husker Du tires, HED 100mm rims with Hadley Hubs, and 27.5 x 4.5 Dillinger 5 tires, Big Su Carbon 83mm rims with Corvus AK SL Edition Hubs. I’m using a 30T chainring with a 12-speed Eagle drivetrain.
BAGS: I’ve been using Revelate Design bags for over 10 years now, and this year is no different! Revelate Pronghorn, Corvus frame bag, Mag-Tank 2000, Mountain feed bags, Joey downtube bag, and a recent edition, the Spinelock 16L seat bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Each year I participate, the weather determines the gear I will carry. I never leave home without my Goretex (we’re going into the mountains!) and I always have my local shop, Speedway Cycles, winterize my bearings. And I always try to bring a couple of special treats when I need a pick-me-up!

George Hollerbach

Age 68 / Newtown, Pensylvania (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: 2023 Revel Big Iron. SRAM 12-speed drivetrain, 28T chainring. Nextie Xiphias 27.5″ x 95mm rims, DT Swiss 350 hubs. Studded 45NRTH Dillinger 5’s.
BAGS: Brand new customJohnny D’s frame and down tube bags, Revelate Designs Nano Panniers, feed bags, Pole Cats and Sweetroll. And a Broad Fork Stem Cell top tube bag.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Massive 65L Sea to Summit dry bag holding a Western Mountaineering Bison -40 sleeping bag. Garmin eTrex 22x and phone running Gaia for backup navigation.

Perry Jewett

Age 52 / Spearfish, South Dakota (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding my trusty V1 Why Cycles, Big Iron on the Iditarod Trail Invitational. I’m set up with some special wheels from Onyx Racing Products. The new 26″ x 128mm Nextie Carbon hoop on Onyx Hub with Carbon Berd Spokes and a Terrene Johnny 5 studded front wheel will pave the way for 26″ x 90mm rear matching Onyx hub both with new Arctic Bearings. Mechanical SRAM Eagle drivetrain with a front 28T Oval ring. Bar-Yak Ultra 35 with carbon crossbar for lights and navigation mounts, Talon Harness and front bag keep my my dry layers and essentials convenient and easy to remove.
BAGS: New custom frame bag from FBJ Designs fits like a glove and holds heavy items well. Downtube bag from Dirtbags holds a thermos and MSR fuel bottle. Rear Revelate Panniers holds food and clothing. #rideforward custom bag sits on top of the rack with sleeping kit and a large top tube bag from Revelate keeps snacks handy.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Western Mountaineering -25 down sleeping bag is and essential peace of mind gear and oh so nice to slip in and out of when sleep deprived and or cold. Nose Hat is a piece of face protection I love and often use in any temps below 10F to the coldest temps. Intuition Liners in Wolfgar boots keep my feet comfortable and warmer then the standard liners for those boots.

Tom Kavanaugh

Age 39 / Ridgway, Colorado (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Why Cycles Big Iron with SRAM X01 drivetrain, 27.5 x 80mm wide Whiskey carbon rims laced to Onyx hubs, Dillinger 5 studded tires with Fatty Strippers and Orange Seal Subzero sealant, Old Man Mountain Divide Fat rack, Enve M6 handlebar, Shimano Trail SPD pedals, Lubriplate Mag 1 grease in all bearings.
BAGS: Jagged Edge Mountain Gear frame bag, Revelate Designs Expedition Pogies, top tube bag, feed bags and panniers, Restrap handlebar bag and harness mounted to Bar Yak Ultra 35
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Outer U Face Glove and Bala, RAB Xenair 3/4 puff pants, Freeze Dried Spam!

Mayella Krause

Age 34 / São Bento do Sul (Brazil)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: 2016 Salsa Mukluk Ti with a Lauf Carbonara fork. SRAM cranks with Enduro XD-15 bottom bracket, 1 x 12 drivetrain with SRAM XO1, 10-50T cassette, and 26T oval chainring, all controlled by XX1 grip shifters. Wheels are Nextie 26″ 85mm laced to Onyx hubs and 4.6″ Dillinger 5 tires with studs from the Bike Stud. SQ Labs 30X carbon handlebar with innerbarends. Old Man Mountain Fat Divide rack.
BAGS: What you see in the photo: an assortment of models from Revelate Designs, plus modified Dogwood Designs pogies.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Big fan of garage grown gear, 70% of what I’ll be using and wearing came from Timmermade Gear. Jon Fong, from Flat Cat Gear, custom made me a stove. Also really liking the removable faux ruff from Namakan Goods.

Jenny McConnel

Age 38 / Girdwood, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: For my rookie ride, I’ll be on my COVID-acquired fat bike, a Corvous Akio.
BAGS: My bags are primarily Revelate Designs. My waterproof (tested and proven) Sweetroll holds all my layers on the handlebars. The Revelate Frame Bag is bolted in the front triangle and contains bike repair items, hand warmers, hygiene kit, and a stove. A Mag-Tank bag filled with gummies, sausage, cheese, bacon, lays potato chips, and a few other random snacks, and a Mountain Feedbag holding a lightweight insulated Hydro Flask will keep me going and (partially) hydrated. On my rear rack is a lightweight waterproof pannier with grab bags for cooking, river crossings, and emergencies.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My Feathered Friends sleeping bag, Therm-a-Rest Z Lite closed cell foam pad, Prolite Plus air pad, and Sea to Summit pillow for restful bivvying beneath the stars and Northern Lights (hopefully).

Thomas Miller

Age 54 / Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Salsa Blackborow, DT Swiss Hubs, Nextie Xiphias 27.5″ x 90mm rims, Terrene Yippe Ki Yay’s with Gripstuds, Cane Creek Viscoset, Slasa Bend bars, Crank Bros Highline 3 dropper, Sram drivetrain, Paul Klampers and 3 Finger Levers, custom Ti rack.
BAGS: Dogwood Designs pogies, Cedaero snack and top tube, Salsa frame, Rockgeist stowaway bags, Arkel Ultralight Panniers x3, Seal Line 5 and 20L lightweight, and Seal Line 10L heavy duty dry bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Rab Summit tent, Exped Flexmat Plus, Mountain Hardware Polar Ranger -20F/-30C sleeping bag, MSR Whisperlite International stove and cold weather pump. Best New additions for 2024, Wiggy’s Lamelite jacket liner and Baffin Sequoia boots.

John Notestine

Age 43 / Wasilla, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I will be setting off on the ITI with my Corvus Magnus Titanium. It’s a SRAM XO build, equipped with Paul Klamper Brakes paired with Love Levers for those moments when things get a little too “heated”. The bike rolls on Big Su carbon wheels with Fatback hubs, and Bontrager Barbegazi tires—hopefully, I’ll be the only stud needed this year. There are also Crankbrothers Mallet trail pedals, SQlabs Stuby grips, and an OMM rear rack, while a 28T Alugear oval chainring and an Enduro XD-15 BB ensure my pedaling is smoother than my DJ days. Perched atop my trusty Brooks saddle, I’m ready for anything, riding the only piece of gear that truly understands me.
BAGS: My bike’s decked out with a custom Morrow Packs framebag, quilted for that extra touch of elegance. A Tailfin toptube bag sits snugly for quick grabs, complemented by two Revelate Feedbags for water and chocolate. I’m also using a Swift Industries Kestrel Handlebar bag, the new Revelate Nano-Panniers, and a Revelate Joey downtube bag for my fuel bottle. It’s a setup that says, “I’m here to ride, but let’s keep things tidy and a tad classy.”
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My sleep system is a Therm-a-Rest -20 Polar Ranger sleeping bag alongside the MLD FKT Event Bivy, a Sea to Summit Aeros down pillow, a Therm-a-Rest NeoAir pad, a Flextail Zero pump, plus a backup inflation bag just in case the pump gives out. For lighting, it’s all Fenix – the BC21R on my bars and the HM60R on my head. My cooking gear includes a Snow Peak Ti cookset and an MSR XGK stove. For tire inflation, a OneUp EDC pump is my go-to, with an Airboy XL pump as a backup that can live in a pocket. All my mechanicals, including a Leatherman Skeletool CX, are securely stored in a Revelate tool cash within the framebag. My water is handled by insulated bottles because I hate dealing with a frozen hose and a sweaty back – two 32 oz Hydro Flask Trail Series and one Travel Kuppe 20 oz for mixes. My secret weapon has been my training partner, Fennec. Although, on this ride, I’ll be glad not to be lugging his kibble and bivy, or making sure he doesn’t put a stick in my spokes.

Art O’Connor

Age 57 / Millcreek, Utah (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Custom made Seven Treeline: AKA “Silver Fang”. DT Swiss hubs on 105mm Nextie rims w/ studded 26″ D5 tires and Fatty Strippers (be careful Googleing that!). SRAM drivetrain, Bar Yak cockpit and Fenix lights. Arctic grease in all greasy things.
BAGS: Custom Broad Fork dynema frame bag, Revelate Gas Tank, Egress, and Pole Cat, Rockgeist Feed Bags, Mountain Laurel Designs panniers on an Old Man Mountain rack. Not shown, Revelate Expedition Pogies.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I am 6’7″ and my first finish at ITI was on a stock bike with my bars 10″ below my seat. I lost feeling in both hands for 6 months after. For me, custom was a no brainer.

Daniel Perry

Age 33 / Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding/pushing a Salsa Beargrease. The wheels are Light Bicycle rims, DT350 hubs, and Dillinger 5s. Handlebars are the 23° Whisky Scullys. Drivetrain is NX Eagle, and brakes are the indomitable BB7s; they’re probably fine. Bearings are filled with low temp, low cost grease from Canadian Tire.
BAGS: Most of my bags are from HWY19, made in Manitoba by the winter badass Sue Lucas! Blackburn Outpost Cages will secure items to the fork. My foot bags are also local, from City Bread Co.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: My friend Scott of Rewild Woodworks made me a beautiful walnut spoon: a lot of my gear reminds me of the generosity of others.

John Phelps

Age 39 / Montrose, Colorado (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Borealis Crestone. D5 tires on Whisky wheels, Onyx hubs of amazing colors. Dogwood pogies. OMM rear rack.
BAGS: Salsa frame bag, Revelate Designs panniers, feedbags, and Jerrycan, Dispersed tank bag, Evoc bar bag. Sea to Summit stuff sack for sleeping bag/pad/bivy.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 5000 calories of smashed Cheetos in my 1L bottle on the downtube, my Dynafit jacket with wolf ruff, and homemade caliper covers.

Benji Pollock

Age 27 / Morristown, New Jersey (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding a Carbon Mukluk featuring a GX Eagle drivetrain, 26″ Dillinger 5 tires on 100mm Nextie rims laced to DT Swiss 350 hubs, BB7 brakes, and a grip shifter on Salsa carbon Guide raised handlebars.
BAGS: I’m running a Revelate Designs frame bag, Nano Panniers, Jerrycan, Magtank, Egress front bag, and feedbags, Salsa Anything Cages on the fork and downtube with Anything Bags, and a Aea to Summit eVent drybag for my sleep system on the rear rack.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I have a Sea to Summit -40 degree bag to keep me warm at night, a Garmin eTrex for navigation, Dogwood Designs pogies and covered brake levers to keep the fingers warm, a MSR Whisperlite for cooking and water boils, and a small Sony point and shoot camera so I don’t have to deal with my phone to take photos.

Jesse Stauffer

Age 36 / Selinsgrove, Pensylvania (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Framed Alaskan with SRAM components, Fatback fork, and ICAN carbon wheels. 45NRTH Dillinger 4.5″ front tire and studded 4″ in rear. Salsa Alternator rear rack.
BAGS: Salsa EXP Frame bag, Mountain Laurel Designs panniers, Ortleib handlebar bag, Exped stuff bag, and an assortment of small Revelate bags.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: 45NRTH Cobrafist Pogies to keep my hands toasty, 45NRTH Wolfgar boots to keep my toes alive, Big Agnes Hahns Peak -20 to keep my body toasty while I snooze. Garmin 1030, and Garmin Etrex 30 for backup, or vice versa. Primus Omnilite Ti to cook up some tasty Mountain House meals.

Troy Szczurkowski

Age 51 / Daisy Hill, Brisbane (Australia)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Frame is a Muru Iditarod LE titanium mid, custom ti fork, boring 11-speed 24x46T, Nexties with SP/DT350 and Area54 custom HD wheelbuild, J5’s with sprinkles, Sinewave Beacon 2, Baryak Ultimate, carbon 2020’s, Next R’s, modded XT clips/flats, Spykes 180/203, winterised spinny bits.
BAGS: Area54 built front rack, Area54 front pannier bags, Area54 front rack deck bag, Area54 Hockey stick downtube bag, Area54 Bar Fridge bag (in front of back wheel) Area54 Stove bag (behind seatpost) Area54 Pot bag (on rear rack deck – for pot, not pot) and Area54 Endless Winter rear panniers, Revelate custom framebag, Gastank, Jerrycan, Periphery pocket, Pocket (small 1st gen) Sweetroll (small 1st gen), Mountain Feedbags, Pogies, Joeys.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: A pie warmer. Hands free hill push mode. Dutch barends. Basement storage.

Tomas Vajdiak

Age 36 / Horovice (Czech Republic)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll hit the trail on my Salsa Mukluk. Rolling on 45NRTH Dillinger 5, 26 x 4.6″ tubeless tires.
BAGS: Salsa Expedition frame bag. Revelate Designs Nano paniers, Revelate Mag-Tank 2000 as top tube bag, Revelate Egress pocket connected to BarYak Expedition harness with back bone and magnetic fidlock clip. Downtube is equipped with a Revelate Joey cargo bag. Sea to Summit Dry bag placed at rear rack to store sleeping system.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: The Baryak Expedition handlebar system with a cross bar extension carries a Garmin 67i (eTrex 32 as back-up) and Fenix PD36R PRO light. Grip shift with Ergon GP2 hidden under 45NRTH pogies. Mini thermometer attached to stem. I will be using the Pajak RADICAL 16H WINTER together with Therm-a-Rest Z Lite pad as a sleeping system.

Jim Vreeland

Age 49 / Piscataway, New Jersey (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Invitational Rigs

BIKE: OTSO Arctodus SS. Ignite components crank/BB, Absolute Black Oval, Industry Nine Hydra rear hub and SP Dynamo Front hub laced into 100mm HED rims, Specialized Mirror Saddle, K-Lite headlight.
BAGS: JPaks frame and toptube bag, Tailfin Fork Packs
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Western Mountaineering Kodiak bag, Big Agnes 3-Wire Bivy.

Ryan Wanless

Age 46 / Sioux Falls, South Dakota (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Salsa Mukluk with Johnny 5 studded tires on Nextie Xiphias rims. I’ll also be using the Bar Yak Expedition with Talon harness.
BAGS: Dirt Bags Frame Bag, Rockgeist Feedbag, Revelate Nano Panniers.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I can sleep anywhere with my Snowy Owl -60° bag.

Matthew Webb

Age 48 / Apple Valley, Minnesota (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be attempting to finish ITI 350 as a rookie on a 2019 Otso Voytek. I’m running 45 NRTH Dilly 5″ Studded up front on a Whisky 100mm carbon rim, a Schwalbe Jumbo Jim 4.4″ in back on a Whisky Carbon 84mm rim, both on DT Swiss Big Rig 350 Hubs. Drivetrain is XX1 Eagle 1×12 with the bling gold chain and a 30T Elliptical Wolf Tooth front ring. Full carbon setup, with Race Face Next crankset and cockpit.
BAGS: The bag setup is exclusively Revelate Designs including the frame bag, Micro Panniers, Mountain feed bags, Mag Tank top tube, Jerry Can, Joey down tube and Fork bags. Bar Yak makes excellent products and I’ll be using Expedition Arms and a talon harness paired with a Revelate egress pocket. Bar Yak Peregrine Arm Rests allow for multiple riding positions. Their Mule fork mounts pair perfectly with WideFoot cages on the forks. Revelate Expedition Pogies will protect my hands.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: I’m bringing a lightweight tent as shelter that sets up quickly, a -20 Big Agnes Crusho sleep bag and a foam roll pad. MSR XKG white fuel stove. I’ll be carrying an eTrex 32x for navigation as well as a Garmin Edge 530 plugged into a Flexible battery bank using CR123 batteries to run continuously throughout the race. Additionally, will carry a Garmin InReach Explorer+ for emergency if needed. For lighting, I’m using Fenix headlamp products with disposable CR123 batteries (no Lithium Ion rechargeable). A bar yak light extender with a GoPro Hero9 will document the race! Finally, my layers are 100% merino wool, Arcteryx jackets, Craft XC Storm pants and 45 NRTH Wolfgars with VaporThrm Vapor Barrier Socks. OuterU products (Facemask / Bala) will protect my face while a Cold avenger or Lungplus will protect my airways against cold induced asthma.

Hendra Wijaya

Age 57 / Bogor (Indonesia)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Fatback Corvus FLT, 30T chainring, SRAM X01 Eagle 12-speed 10-52T, Bigsu Carbon 27.5″ wheels, 45NRTH Dillinger 5 Studded tires, PRO Volture saddle, Crankbrothers Stamp 2 flat pedals, kLite front and rear lights, Lupine Neo headlamp, Suunto Vertical GPS watch, eTrex 30 GPS, and an iPhone 15 Pro.
BAGS: Revelate Designs framebag, panniers, handlebar bag, top tube bag, down tube bag, and pogies.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Western Mountaineering sleeping bag, Feathered Friends Down Parka and Down pants, Mammut Down Jacket, Mittens, balaclava and beanie, Exped Bivy, Therm-a-Rest air and foam mat, MSR stove, Fuel tube and Cookware. Patagonia Base layers, Montbell tights and Down pants, Endura MT500 Trousers, REI gloves, Salomon Toundra winter boots, Outdoor Research Gaiters, Kahtoola Microspikes, Darn Tough Socks, Oakley glasses, Cambelbak bladder, Microlite bottle.

Aaron Wilbur

Age 33 / Fairbanks, Alaska (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: I’ll be riding to Nome on a well loved 2014 Fatback Corvus with a Salsa Kingpin fork up front. Wheels are Nextie 105 on DT Swiss hubs with Dillinger 5s. For my drivetrain, I run 11-speed XO1 with gripshift, a 28T chainring, and an e13 9-46T cassette.
BAGS: Becker Designs frame bag, Oveja Negra Bootlegger bags, Mountain Laurel Handlebar Drybag in a Salsa Anything Cradle, Snek Big Stache handlebar bag, North St. Adventure Micro Panniers. Revelate Snack, Mag Tank, and Joey bags round things out for my snacks and stove+fuel. 35L Sea to Summit drybag for my sleeping bag and some clothes.

Lael Wilcox

Age 36 / Tucson, Arizona (USA)

2024 Iditarod Trail Rigs

BIKE: Corvus Akio, Corvus Big Su Carbon 27.5 wheels, Terene Yippee Ki Yay tires, Corvus LCG+ rack, SRAM MTB 1×12 mechanical groupset, SRAM MTB brakes, Ergon grips, Specialized Power Pro with Mirror saddle, Time pedals.
BAGS: Revelate Designs framebag, nano panniers, 2x Mountain Feedbag, Mag-Tank 2000, Egress pocket, Joey downtube bag, rear stuff sack, pogies, Austere Manufacturing straps, 2x Hydro Flask insulated thermoses.
GEAR HIGHLIGHTS: Western Mountaineering -25F sleeping bag, Sea to Summit Ether Lite XT extreme sleeping pad, Mountain Laurel Designs FKT bivvy.

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