The 2018 Colorado Trail Race runs from Denver to Durango, following the entire CTR route, only 25% of starters finished last year…


Date: July 29, 2018

Time: 6:00 am


Cost: Free

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The Colorado Trail features 500 miles and 70,000′ of elevation gain winding through the Colorado Rocky Mountains between Denver and Durango. Approximately 300+ miles of singletrack at elevations ranging from 5500′ to a gasping-for-breath 13,200′. The CTR is a monster! If the monster is in a good mood, you may experience Colorado’s beautiful sunny blue skies and wildflowers blooming as far as you can see! But, be warned — the CTR’s mood can change on a whim, and you may just as likely find yourself getting besieged by massive hailstones and lightning bolts. In short, don’t come to this race unprepared — no one will be there to rescue you.

The CTR is similar to The Arizona Trail 300 and Tour Divide. There is no entry fee, no support, no registration, and no prize money. It is a self-timed ITT (Individual Time Trial): all that is provided is a route description, a suggested start time, and a list of results. However, all individuals participating are strongly encouraged to donate time or money to the Colorado Trail Foundation. Without them, we wouldn’t have this trail!

2018 Colorado Trail Race
  • 2018 Colorado Trail Race
  • 2018 Colorado Trail Race
  • 2018 Colorado Trail Race

In 2017, the CTR saw the worst weather in the history of the race, showcasing super dry sections with no water at all and plenty of rain that took a toll on all riders. Only about 25% of starters finished. For a recap of last year’s event check out the 2017 Colorado Trail Race listing. The 2018 CTR starts in Denver and uses the Tarryall Detour as described in the offical Colorado Trail guidebook.

For more on the CT, click here. Also, watch this film to get a sense for the race culture and terrain.

Follow the race along below: